A quick rundown on the gold sales... total intake $577, eBay took about $70 as $52 in eBay "final value fees" and $18 in PayPal fees, leaving me with $507, out of which I'll probably pay about $5 or less for shipping (since there were only two buyers). So probably better forget that earlier idea of buying in lots of 5 or 10 and reselling the coins one-by-one; I'd forgotten how stiff those fees were. This free market costs dearly, but I still got over spot price for the gold, even the cut coin. So I got out of debt for the short term, until more work comes my way.

Oh, and it only took about 30 hours to liquidate the gold, from the time I finished listing till the time the money was in my PayPal account, from where I could have gone to an ATM and picked it up.

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