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Support the Reese Family
For the Headlight
Posted: 10/04/2011 12:00:00 AM MDT

When my wife and I moved to Deming some of the first people we met was the Reese Family. Over the years, we have been to their home many times and they have been to ours.

I used to have the key to their gate so that I could go over and take care of the animals and check the buildings. The Border Patrol also had a key because they use the shooting range.

When we would be gone one of the Reese boys would come over and return the favor. Later, the Reese boys would come and help me with work around my place. When it came time to pay them for their time, they never wanted to accept money.

This is a nice family who have worked hard for many years to build their business. Trying to keep up with all the rules and regulations involved in selling guns is very hard.

Now the government is trying to shut down all gun dealers close to the border. It doesn't seem to matter to government officials how they go about it. They can say anything they want about anyone, have it printed in the news and no proof is required. Meanwhile, the Reese's are in custody and unable to refute what is reported. They have been described as callous people who "knew or should have known" that some of the guns they sold were going across the border. "Knew or should have known?" That statement tells me that the prosecutor doesn't have proof. But they have the family in prison, have frozen all their assets, seized all their property and left them no way to fight back.

These are the same law enforcement agencies who over the years have given us Waco, Ruby Ridge in Idaho where a sniper shot and killed Mrs. Weaver as she stood in the door of her home with her baby in her arms. Last, but not least, they have given us Operation Fast and Furious.

We all have our lives to live and it is only natural to assume that when things like this happen, the people must be guilty. We shrug it off, forget it and go on. We really need to start paying more attention. Don't assume that because you read it in the news, it must be true.

A fund has been opened at First Savings Bank in Deming. Any help for the Reese Defense Fund will be greatly appreciated. The address is: First Savings Bank, 520 S. Gold Avenue, Deming, NM, 88030. Phone: (575)546-2707.

Mark Macy, Deming, New Mexico

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