Finally spoke with the old guy who hangs out on the bench outside the downtown Starbucks. Howard Mayer is how I heard his name, don't know how it's spelled. He's the one who, I heard, was attacked by a bunch of cops a few weeks ago after someone called the police saying he had a gun (he didn't).

Walking home after my morning jog downtown, I realized why the pledge of allegiance the other night at the city council meeting irked me so much: subjects pledge allegiance to their masters. Our forefathers were subjects of King George, and they didn't throw off his yoke just to put their necks into a new one. We are soveriegn; not the flag, not the "republic", which has been replaced by thinly-disguised plutocracy. If anything, the city council should stand and pledge allegiance to We The People.

While I didn't say the pledge, I stood by reflex, and out of societal programming didn't sit back down until the pledge was over. I'm ashamed of myself for that. Next time I hope I'll have the courage and presence of mind to sit it out.

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