Passion fruit is dropping off the bushes outside the tennis court at Petaluma High School, south of the police station on Petaluma Blvd. North, and probably other locations around town. I just found out today what is is, from friend Kris. Might make a decent fermentable, will have to wait till it ripens more.

I found a pear tree along Old Redwood Highway in Penngrove the other day, too, but it's too close to the road and probably has diesel goop on the outside of the fruit. Same goes for the passion fruit, but in the latter case the inside is what is used. I could peel the pears as well, but then I'd miss out on the natural yeasts. Guess I'll have to use packaged yeast in either case. Better go to Beverage People in SR and get some champagne yeast if I want a decent result.

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