Celebrating life with a HenHouse Oyster Stout, a tasty beverage made right here in Petaluma. Nothing too remarkable about it, but a damned fine stout.

David Codrea's news on the Reese family isn't as good as hoped but far from as bad as it could have been with a less enlightened jury. Let's hope they get the remaining charges dismissed on appeal.

Simon Black, AKA Sovereign Man, gives us insight into a little island hideaway where, if we can get to it, we can start a new, freer life when things fall apart here in the US. Though I consider myself a 3 percenter, I want a backup plan in case the public sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of a police state. I believe in freedom but, to paraphrase Mencken, not enough to want to force it upon those who don't want it.

A man pissed off with a bullshit marijuana charge smashes up most of Burlington, VT's police vehicles. Such hotheadedness will not get us anywhere, but it is perfectly understandable and kudos to the guy for not injuring or killing anybody.

Made some chicharrones yesterday out of the brined pork belly meat I picked up at Tara Firma the day of my 6-mile jog. Too salty but still good.

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