Some interesting comments in an article on dispersants, from a guy who uses the handle skyinpie, reproduced verbatim:

I am a oyster harvester in Apalachicola bay Florida. For some reson the oysrer are not repuducing. No spat at all. I have oystered for 26yr. Most years I harvest about 1200lb. a day, but this year my harvest is about 120lb. a day. A 90% drop, and thair are no small oyster to put back. I will not be able to make a living from a harvest like that. Also the fish are not repuducing nor are the blue crabs. The mullet have no eggs this year. Apalachicola bay is in very bad shape. The bay has look worst every year from the BP spill. I think the dispersants have a roll to play in the death of apalachicola bay. BP should not only have to pay for the spill but also for pouring deadly dispersants in to the gulf. The same thing is going from Ceader Key florida to La. No spat fall, no oysters. If thair are no baby oyster than we will harvest our self out of biss., and their will be nothing to clean the bay water. Evey thing will die. This is so sad. Apalachicola bay was one of the last untouched bay in florida. Most fish in the gulf spend some time in apalachicola bay. I guess their day are numbered. In 26yr. of oystering I have never seen it this bad.

There were other interesting comments as well, from across the board, indicating nobody really knows for sure how bad the dispersants were for the health of the Gulf.

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