Foraged prickly pears, curly dock, mallow, fennel, and mustard greens; mashed the first into a crock and will let it set till maybe New Year's. The rest got chopped and went into a bean stew that I'd been soaking overnight and poured off the water to prevent fartulence.

Took my inner tube out and checked for leaks, found none. Reinflated and will let it sit for a while to see if it goes flat again. Now that I put on that gel seat cover I found at the thrift store for $3 or so the other day, it should be ridable, for short distances at least.

Thought of a new way to make money: messenger service. Charge 50 cents in-town and maybe $2 to the city, plus extra per unit weight. Can't hurt to try, though I guess I might have to be bonded to get some companies' business.

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