My broccoli stems aren't quite pickled yet, but they're coming along nicely. The addition of a previous batch of sauerkraut to the brine water is definitely a plus, both in terms of speeding up the pickling process and keeping nasty stuff like kahm yeast out.

Roasted some chestnuts I bought at Andy's. Not what I remembered, but still OK. And gathered some mushrooms at the Forestville PO that turned out to be inedible, Lactarius alnicola or similar. But there was some fresh sorrel at the Van Keppel house that made a nice mini-salad.

Finished that batch of fart-generating beans. Tomorrow's batch I will drain better, then rinse, and slow-cook using a heat box. If that doesn't make them less toxic, I'll try some baking soda or lime in the following batch. Something has to work.

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