Made some cash today, for a change, and found olives and acorns in easy reach on RP Expressway along the big shopping center on the west side of 101. The "oak" was strange, though, having plain halberd-shaped leaves.

Walked back to Petaluma after fixing the computer problems caused by bent pins, and had a pint of Death and Taxes at Redwood Cafe. Cursed out many drivers today who would have run me over pulling out if I hadn't been looking out for them better than they were looking out for me.

Finally asked about the chickens that hang out around the Cotati Wallgreen's. The clerk says he doesn't know whose they are, but that they come and go, and new ones show up. I said that one of these days if I were hungry I might bag one, and he didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Stirred up a hornet's nest at Sipsey Street with my assessment of George Zimmerman. These guys just haven't seen things from my perspective, hard to blame them.

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