I got a reply to a Facebook post with a very interesting analysis of events in Libya, from Dominic Manzer, a brilliant engineer with whom I was only casually acquainted during my high school years. I'm presenting it as it was posted.

This is a real conspiracy that is documented in the daily national news shows that involves state secrets and foreign policy. I think this is being done to prevent Republicans from making a farce of what is an important and sensitive foreign policy question involving real national security issues.

The administrations is engaging in a conspiracy to keep prominent people form testifying in public hearings to prevent the republicans from politicizing valid national security issues. In the debates Romney really pissed Obama off. Romney had been fully briefed by the intelligence community about Benghazi before the debate under the program that is intended to get prospective Presidents up to speed before taking office. Romney knew what actually did happen and why it was important when he said what he did, essentially Romney was abusing his access to state secrets. Romney's indiscretion in protecting valid security issues about Benghazi proves the republicans cannot be trusted in public hearing about this event.

This is what happened recently about the hearings. First General Petraeus did not have to testify in open hearings on Benghazi because he got a peace of tail. Now Hillary Clinton will not testify on Thursday because she has the flue. It was announced on Saturday, December 15th that she fainted, hit her head and got a concussion. She fell on Friday or Saturday and they were able to predict on Saturday she would be too ill on Thursday to talk even though she did not spend one night in the hospital.

The immediate background on Benghazi goes back several years. This has been written from memory so I may have a few mistakes, like was the Pan Am flight number 103? If anyone wants to check details and add dates, references or clarifications be my guest.

Remember the world wide public outrage when Scotland released the only person ever imprisoned for the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 bombing? He was publicly and personally greeted on his return to Libya by Gaddafi himself. Then a year or so later Gaddafi went to the UN in New York for the first time ever. He wanted to pitch his tent in Central Park, and it seemed US government officials wanted him to be able to do this but public opinion prevented it. A place was found on a large private estate near NY was found for his tent. Many politicians, mostly republicans were getting their pictures taken with Gaddafi around this time.

We then found out there were deals about oil contracts in the works with Libya. Then, out of no where comes an uprising in Libya. After a few days when it is clear that the uprising will probably be crushed, along with large numbers of non combatant Libyan citizens, the US uses Carrier based aircraft to take out the Libyan air force and the larger peaces of military infrastructure, like command and control. The Navel US air power was then replaced by land based Nato air power. Nato was widely advertised as not being the US military, but of course most of the funding comes from the US along with US personal and hardware.

I believe what has happened is as follows.

1 Somehow the CIA determined the opposition to Gaddafi inside Libya had reached the point were they had enough numbers and support from both inside and outside of the Libyan Military that a revaluation could be successful.

2 The CIA determined that arms and training were needed for the rebels in Libya to use their numbers to stand up to the well equipped and trained Libyan army. But Gaddafi had such tight control of the borders that it was impossible to send support in sufficient numbers. The CIA decided Gaddafi could be tempted and tricked by offers of money form an oil deal to let imports of oil equipment into the country in large quantities to hide shipments of arms and hide military advisers as oil workers. Note, Benghazi is the center of the oil industry in Libya.

3 To make Gaddafi think we were willing to forgive his old terrorist acts against the US, the bomber was released form Scotland then they invited Gaddafi to give a speech at the UN in New York. To make it appear the US politicians were themselves happy to have the oil deal, US congressmen shock hands and smiled while getting pictures taken. A kiss and make up moment. The tent in Central park thing could have been promoted to both stroke Gaddafi's ego and get the American public to view Gaddafi as ridiculous and repulsive person.

4 After Gaddafi's greed and ego had been sufficiently stroked. The people and arms were sent into Benghazi in ever increasing numbers. The large numbers of people needed to be trained to work in the oil fields provided cover for military training. The large construction sights provided cover for weapons training.

5 After a year or so of stockpiling the weapons and training rebels the green light was given to start fighting. US carriers were put into the Mediterranean to be within a day or two of Libya but not two close. After a few days of news coverage of Gaddafi predictably using his air force to crush the rebellion (just like what is happening in Syria) The US declared outrage over the killing of civilians and called in the carriers, as had been in the plan.

6 It was needed to use NATO land based aircraft to limit US anti war public opinion. But the land based planes could not be moved before Gadfly started killing civilians to make it appear the US and Nato had not been in on the revolution form the beginning. So the carriers had to be sent first.

7 After Wester air power had taken out important elements of the Libyan air force, command and control, the rebels could then use their superior numbers to clean up the remaining Liberian ground forces.

An unavoidable consequence of the loss of border controls during the rebellion, anti western factions that were well documented to exist east of Benghazi were able to move Al Qaida people form elsewhere into eastern Libya. It was the preexisting anti western forces that attached the consulate in Benghazi in reprisal for the drone attack that killed the Al Qaida official AL Libby (the Libyan). The only real questions I have is why the ambassador was in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9-11. We should have had either good security in Benghazi or removed all personnel in light of the obvious threat 9-11 will always have for US embassies in countries with large anti western factions. Remember, Libya had just gone trough a civil war so weapons are ever-were. Not only were their anti western factions before the war, there are now large numbers of very pissed off Gaddafi supports.

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