If I owned property, which I no longer do, I might be one of the "cold, dead hands" crowd so often mocked by the left. But without property, even in states where gun rights are still valued, the right to "keep and bear arms" is rarely usable in practice. For one thing, the Gun-Free School Zones Act makes it illegal to carry within 1000 feet of a school. In a city like San Francisco, that law leaves a gun-toter few if any options to get from point A to point B. Then there are laws prohibiting guns in post offices, bars, banks, and other institutions. In many California cities there are unconstitutional laws prohibiting or restricting ownership or carrying of weapons. Petaluma's ordinance 10.56 is one. But anyway, if Obama isn't stupid -- and it would be unwise to assume that he is -- he will not send police or troops door to door to take your weapons. He just has to make it mandatory that you invite them in to check your place. When they've searched it, you and every adult member of your family gets a record put in your file, indexed to your drivers license or passport, that you have complied. Next time you go to perform jury duty, or get your license plates renewed, or come back into the country from a business trip, your records will be pulled. If you haven't had the requisite search of your properties done, you will be fined or incarcerated. This was discussed a few years back in relation to a supposed mandatory flu shot. At the time I was living on the border, and had to pass through a checkpoint every time I went to Deming, NM for supplies. I was getting ready for war at that point, and stocked up on guns and ammunition. I've since gotten rid of all of it but a couple of air rifles and some archery equipment.

So anyway, if a gun ban is put into effect (or mandatory vaccination or national ID card or ???), be damned sure you don't have to stray too far from your front door. Anything you do to interact with the State will likely be booby-trapped. Meanwhile we must do everything in our power to dissuade the collectivists from implementing any such plans.

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