On Facebook and other online forums I've often seen people criticize 3pers and other gunnies for being "all talk and no action". That's a fair accusation. We keep saying "you pass one more gun law and that's it", but we don't follow through. We don't want to have to follow through. We don't want to have to shoot at our cops and politicians, or even at the .001% of the population that pulls their strings. We just want you to respect our freedoms, even if you don't care to exercise them yourself.

Think about it, hasn't the government ever enraged you? Its imprisonment of Bradley Manning? Its drone killings of innocent civilians including children? The wholesale slaughter of Iraqi civilians exposed by Wikileaks? The nationwide stifling of the Occupy protests? There's got to have been something that bothered you over the past couple of decades if you've been paying the least bit of attention. If you have weapons, you can at least say "well, if it gets worse, we can still fight to get our government back." Without guns, all you can really say is "oh, shit, it's over". And that is a sad thought.

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