The two days at Bodega were good for this gearhead, I got a chance to look at friends' iPads and Samsung SCH-1800s with SealLine waterproof cases, and a lifeproof iPhone cover. Also saw a Wheeleez wheelchair someone had found way offshore, and got the idea for using either Wheeleez balloon tires (optionally with a removable hub for storing stuff, and maybe built-in inflator) or belted wheels for the sand portion of the KGC; and have whatever "sculpture" reconfigurable to resemble a mobility cart for the disabled. One never knows when such might come in handy.

I had jogged through the golf community from Doran beach, only to find when going back from Heron Drive there were signs saying "B.H.H.A. Private Property". Since I didn't see them from the other direction, I assume they were there as a "usurpation of the commons" strategy, designed only to keep people from parking there and walking into the park.

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