In a long-running recurring dream -- one in which I worked in a large building and had once years ago had numerous promiscuous relationships with young women who also lived and/or worked in that same building, until one day at a party I was talking with one of them and another one walked up, which put the kibosh on that -- I've had this skin affliction for some time that I've kind of ignored despite its grossness. In tonight's episode I learned the name of it, contact something-or-other (I forgot the second word as I lay there trying to remember other details from the dream) and the sudden realization that it was something foreign made me start tearing it off, large floppy green lobes with the consistency of Morel mushrooms but the shape of prickly pear leaves. I cleared off my right arm and was working on my chest when I came to a huge open sore with no skin over the left chest. The sight of it woke me up with the thought, "have I let it go too long"?

Probably a metaphor for my drinking, right? The sore extended down from my heart to my liver.

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