On awakening this morning, two ideas popped into mind. The first was of traveling by wearing two bands of some type of steel chain that forms circles when I roll myself into a ball. I can brake just by unrolling, skidding on the rubber-coated steel chain. I wonder if I'd be able to overcome dizziness though?

The other thing was a clear vision of the collectivist mindset, no doubt buried deep in my brain from my youth, when I was near-totally indoctrinated. It's less clear at the moment, but maybe I can recall some of it:

The collectivist believes himself to be a superior, evolved form of human. The power of the State is welcomed because it protects him from the messiness of having to deal with anything uncomfortable; when something annoys the collectivist, the police will be called in to deal with it. He always shows deference to those in power so that they know he's one of the "good people", those deserving of protection. He will not look at any evidence that his government is oppressing people at home and abroad in order to maintain his illusory little bubble. He decries the libertarian and the other "bitter clingers" who want to tear him from his matrix back into an ugly and primitive form of existence, in which one is expected to negotiate his way among others, and to meet with deadly force any attempts by others to force their will upon him.

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