Good news: my flotation yesterday was excellent with the two big drybags and two dromedary bags. Two small drybags were inside the large ones to protect the electronics, but it wasn't necessary as there were no leaks.

The socks I wore protected my feet well enough so that the fins weren't uncomfortable, but that wasn't necessarily a blessing because I exerted myself to the point where I injured a muscle, and limped the rest of the way into Eureka. My Saturday end time, when I always have a huge advantage in the dunes, was 1624; my Sunday end time, noted by Alice and Tina in Crab Park, was 2205.

One notable thing during the bay swim was that the water temp increased by several degrees just before reaching the building on the south end of Halvorsen Park, then as I continued got gradually back the the normal, 50-ish, temperature. Is someone pumping effluent into the bay with hidden piping?

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