had a weird dream last night. I time-traveled to the City of the Sun sometime in the early days. M was there, and he had a headful of brown kinky hair then. N was also there, inexplicably. I'm going to refer to their "dream" entities as DM and DN, and myself in the dream as DJ. well, DJ and DN went to see DM because he had just done his first of two major bombings (at least that's what I think it was) of one of the properties there, and DJ had gone back in time to ask him why. DJ worried that he might run into me, which was also inexplicable because I didn't go there for the first time until 2004 or so. anyway, DJ expected DM to just tell him to stuff it, but instead DM told him everything, most of which I've forgotten, but I do remember he said there was a lot of lead in the water. he said he had extracted enough of the lead to build two something-or-others. the city knew about the lead but only told people about the arsenic. anyway, and to me this was the key part of the dream, he also said there was some kind of citizens' response team organized and that when things all fell apart we would need to take over. DJ felt like he understood what he was talking about and that he'd find this grassroots organization and be welcomed into it. I'm not so sure. but if it doesn't exist, maybe I'll start one.

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