late last night, I awoke from a recurring dream, on the outskirts of a city near a military base. I had been sent there (by the government?) to find out why the salters and pepperers were being derelict in their duties; diners were having to eat their food unseasoned.

there was an outdoor musical theater, which billed itself as being popular because their songs were simple, happy, and well-known and loved by all. but in fact the songs were melancholy, strange, and sung in some strange language in which I knew not a word. and just about everybody in the area seemed to be using codes or signals unfamiliar to me, and just plain acting strangely.

on awakening it came to mind that the rules were so strict there, the people had come up with a system of code to transact their underground economy. the salt and pepper people were busy dealing in contraband and didn't have time to do their assigned jobs.

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