saw a netmeme today (I refuse to call them simply memes) that indicated that while our rights are taken away bit by bit, we only get them back by revolution. at first I thought, no, we in California and Illinois are getting our gun rights back now; but then it hit me. we are already in a revolution. mostly a bloodless one, so far, but we've made our intent known, thanks to Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea, and others, who have made it abundantly clear to our putative "leaders" that we have no need of them; we are perfectly capable of directing our sovereign selves.

soldiers on R & R have a chance to recharge before once again facing battle. I drank 2 litros de cerveza tonight as my contribution. let's hope I can fulfill my role in active duty as triumphantly. the whole world is indeed watching. historic battles are coming up.

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