assuming goodwill goes a long way. the author of this originally poorly-titled article raised a lot of hackles, and the author, defensive at first, changed the title. I took that to mean she wasn't an anti-gun idiot, and used some gentle persuasion. I'd say it paid off. from the Disqus comments:

Linsey Bald 9 hours ago

Hello all,

This is not something I normally do, as I stand by my original headline based on my previous post, but in consideration of the responses from concerned readers, and so as to not misrepresent either my own views or skew the importance of this topic, I changed the headline.

Thank you kindly,


JohnComeau Linsey Bald 7 hours ago

thank you Linsey! I was gonna throw in a jab about the vigilante firemen running around with their extinguishers but you took the wind outta my sails :^)

seriously, I guess you can sense the passion we "gun nuts" have about this topic. we're being demonized daily, and losing the ideological war will most likely spell civil war, which we are trying desperately to avoid.

Linsey Bald JohnComeau 5 hours ago

You're welcome.

I was hopeful that this article would generate some productive discussion. Not the sort of back and forth banter that it did, and continues to. My bad.

JohnComeau Linsey Bald 5 hours ago

you could avoid such gaffes by reading fellow Examiner authors David Codrea and Kurt Hofmann, who cover gun rights. their columns will give you a better sense of what the discussion is and why it is important. thanks again.

Linsey Bald JohnComeau 4 hours ago

Thank you for the suggestion. (And I am NOT saying that sarcastically) :)

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