an unusually cogent thought I came up with in a Facebook convo today, maybe worth sharing with a wider audience:

the ruling class rules. that's what they do. most of the top investors and board members of large multinational corporations are in this class. the rest of us, to paraphrase George Carlin, aren't in this club and have no chance of getting into it.

within the ruling class are different political affiliations, even libertarian -- e.g. Peter Thiel -- but they all agree on some certain key principles, primary among them being the ruling class matters, and nobody else does.

in that context, those of us who do not want to rule nor to be ruled are at odds with those who do wish to rule (roughly, the political right -- Steinbeck's "temporarily embarrassed millionaires") or be ruled (roughly, the political left). of the two, the left is the bigger threat because they more willingly support the ruling class in their endeavors. last Presidential election we didn't even have a choice, we had two leftists up for sale, Romney and Obama. less than 2 percent voted for someone else.

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