got back from Humboldt this afternoon. rinsed my wetsuit and hung it to dry, along with all the other wet stuff I brought back.

I really wish the race rules allowed racers to choose an overland or slough crossing, rather than punish the overlanders by making them truck to the other side. Fernbridge allows bicycles to take the whole lane, and we've all signed liability waivers so what's the issue? give us a 3- or 6-hour penalty for taking the land route, but give us the choice, for crying out loud. that slough crossing is brutal, and next to impossible if you don't have enough propulsion because the current never helps, it's either carrying you up towards Fernbridge or out to sea.

now the sheriff's deputy made me promise to never do the crossing again without a full wetsuit. I probably can't carry a full wetsuit on my minimalist rigs, it was hard enough carrying that shortie.

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