from a Facebook friend whom I trust:

Because this might help someone with a fungal infection (which Valley fever is) I want to share this comment which was my response on a friend's health related thread.

I had a Valley fever infection in 2007 and rather than take the Diflucon which has liver destroying side effects (they planned on blood tests for liver damage every three weeks and taking the Diflucon for a year or more) I had my wife bring a pan of water to boil and put about 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil on it. I held my nose, closed my eyes (it will sting your eyes or your sinuses and you want it to go straight to your lungs) and inhaled it til it was gone. The next morning the fever was gone and I was back to normal. My doctors wouldn't just release me but did blood draws for 9 more months and sent them to UC Davis where they do all the Valley fever lab tests. Their tests confirmed the infection and the tapering off of the antibodies confirmed the cure.

might try it for my postnasal drip. can't see how it would help, but likewise can't see that it would hurt.

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