I might have mentioned I'm re-reading Unintended Consequences. it's got some killer quotes in it, like this one on page 480:

"These government slugs ban our guns and they ban our magazines and they ban our ammo. They ban suppressors that make our guns quieter and then they ban our outdoor shooting ranges because our guns are too loud. They ban steel-core ammunition because it's 'armor piercing', then they close down our indoor ranges where people shoot lead-core bullets because they say we might get lead poisoning."

I'm over halfway through and I haven't seen any of the racism I remembered on the first reading. yes, certain characters are racists but I have no good reason to believe John Ross, the author, is one. I might owe him a big apology, and that means I'll have to re-read Castigo Cay and see if I was wrong about Matt Bracken as well.

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