got to the bus terminal in Oceanside at about 0822 this morning, which made the first leg of the walk a little less than 41 hours (about 40:52). can't remember offhand how that compares to last year. I was too late for the 7:03 bus and way too early for the 10:05 to San Clemente, so I got about an hour sleep on the beach, despite it being overcast, windy, and cold. however, somehow I lost my hat despite its lanyard. shit like that happens when I'm sleep deprived. hope that's all I left behind.

the bus driver gave me the senior fare, 75 cents, on showing him my driver license. it's going to get hard to justify these long walks on grounds of cost. but of course that's not the main motivator anyway.

I started the next leg of the trip when the bus arrived in San Clemente, I forgot the time but it was roughly 11:20 local time. but I'm stopped at Jack in the Box for some greasy calories, the two-taco special that used to be 99 cents, now $1.19. the kid threw in a free hash browns, I'm pretty sure on purpose. I must look skeletal!

shortly I'll be resuming my journey north to Anaheim. a little less than 40 miles from here.

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