got confused in two places so far today. first was when I got to the coast in San Clemente, I didn't know which way to go so opted for what looked like a beach access. I walked almost the length of it, and some snotty woman told me there was no exit, and I had to walk back the way I came. I said it would be nice if there had been a sign to that effect, and she said well, it's private property. I said there was no sign indicating that either. bitch.

I thought she was probably lying, but when I got to the highway, and found a beach access about a mile down the road, I saw it was true. the end of their development road was fenced off and bordered public beach.

all these California cities, with sneaky ways of getting around California law requiring coast access to all, piss me off. if I ever get a law degree I'd like to go after these bastards... after I get decades of gun control laws repealed.

going through the next exit, at Doheny Park Rd, I got confused again. the GPS told me to keep going straight, but signs for 1 North said to turn right, and make another right... onto the freeway. nope. with my last bit of battery power, I got to the McDonalds in Dana point. now my laptop battery is dying, more later.

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