last night, walking past the petroleum distillery along the trail, my PND immediately got worse and stayed that way the whole time I was passing it. there was a slight chemical smell but the real irritant must not have had a perceptible scent. I was spitting constantly, like every second. then a while later, maybe still 5 miles south of ARTIC, the mucus flow actually stopped for a few minutes. it felt wonderful. didn't last long, though, another couple miles later I was back to the usual regular spitting.

found a source of greens: nettle, mustard, mallow, sow thistle, others I can't remember at the moment. but I only tasted them, not desperate enough yet to eat salad. made a steak tartare sandwich with $1.54 of ground sirloin from Ralph's on a 50 cent jalpeño and cheese roll. I mixed in about half a teaspoon of that powerful horseradish sauce I bought at Trader Joe's for $1.99 last night to kill any nasties. I won't know for a while if I got salmonella poisoning or not.

people are still giving me food. yesterday it was a white guy who offered me half his sandwich at the Pavilion food store in Laguna Beach, I guess after seeing me buy and eat a single orange; and today I offered to buy a sandwich from a big Mexican-looking guy in Anaheim and he just gave it to me.

healing from the ordeal. took my socks off today and letting my feet breathe. not carrying as much water, as I have plenty of local sources. and except for that horseradish, I'm no longer carrying food. my neck and shoulders are already less painful.

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