got treated to go see Kenny White in Sebastopol tonight. what a performer! I probably wouldn't like his politics, but the man can sing, and has a great stage persona. I was designated driver, and when we got back onto 116 there were flashing lights ahead, and inexplicably, cop cars and other cars lined up on both sides of the road, no accident apparent, nobody moving around. weird. another raid on a dangerous plant?

on a whim, went into my lady's wine cellar to see if I still had anything lying around, and lo and behold, I still had 3 bottles of 2-buck-Chuck left in the box I'd forgotten about. so I'm good for a few days at least. plus she made chicken broth and gave me the stock, so I've got my protein needs taken care of for a few days too. life is good. I can save up my $3/day food allowance for my trip down the coast.

when I took on this last job, I had a vague idea of what test-driven development was, but when my client called me on not having the test suite even started after reaching the first few milestones on the code, I looked it up. ouch. but I gave the excuse, which is true, that I had to wrap my mind around the job first, and to do that I had to code something up that would let me do that. he seemed to accept it. but now as I write the tests, I have to insert return statements in the routines so the tests first fail.

counting down the days. bus leaves on the 25th from San Francisco.

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