maybe you noticed the other day that I couldn't get the silicone flap back into the snorkel I took apart. you can't push it through, you have to pull it, because pushing makes it compress, and then the tang won't go through the hole. but because the piece is curved, and only about 3/4" inner diameter, I couldn't get any pliers through from either the mouthpiece or the intake.

but yesterday it hit me: just bend the flap, push the plier tip in through the exit, and pull the tang through by pushing on the plier handles. so simple. it took about 2 seconds to get it once I tried in this manner.

that's the problem with most software I've seen. it's not thought through enough. developers go through all these hoops to create a special set of curved needlenose pliers, when if they come at the problem from a different angle, they could solve it with existing tools for a fraction of the cost.

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