for a couple of days I was remembering long conversations with a big, dark-skinned guy but couldn't remember a name, the subject of the conversations, or a place where these happened. I finally remembered earlier today that the face was that of a Petaluma post office clerk, the big Samoan-looking guy. but I never had any deep conversations with him. I must have dreamt it.

seeing a lot of Waltheria indica, the fake "marijuana substitute" sold online for big bucks with claims that it is "rare". it's all over the place down here. more than once I saw it and thought I'd found Damiana (Turnera diffusa) because the leaves and flowers are so similar.

the arroyo out by Home Depot is lush with growth right now. a lot of sandia, watermelon vines, growing, plenty of amaranth, "wild" tomatoes, and a lot more, some of which I knew and many I didn't.

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