if I had gone another mile or so past the Ley on the corner of Blvd. Santa Rosa and Calle Isla today, I would have made it across the next arroyo which would have taken me to the street of unknown name which takes one to the propane refill station. so instead I circled back, got to the highway, and instead of crossing that dangerous overpass I went down into the arroyo, and harvested some tomatoes, tomatillos, mustard greens (pulled some up; none were radishes), squashes, and a few sorghum seeds and brought them home.

on the way back I noticed that outside a beer store on the corner of Abasolo andNavarro (I think -- across from the LTH outlet anyway) had a bunch of people drinking out of newspaper-wrapped Ballenas outside the store. my kind of place -- no bartenders, no tips, just a bunch of unrepentant alcoholics enjoying their drug of choice at low cost with no "officials" interfering. the way it should always be. I plan to head back that way next time I'm alone.

anyway, I ate most of the squash and green tomatoes, and not only am I not dead, I don't even feel any stomach discomfort.

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