as of yesterday evening I'd finished the last of my gallon of tamarind "beer", except for 1.5L that I had bottle-conditioning in a "growler" saved from my last bottle of cheap red wine. the cap was bulging, so I figured it'd be interesting opening it up. sure enough, there was a massive release of CO2 but due to quick reflexes, I didn't lose much. I was thirsty, and I belted down the first 12 ounce glass pretty quickly. and the alchohol kicked in almost immediately.

mind you, the stuff I drank out of the gallon container didn't have any noticeable kick at all. but I had put about a tablespoon of sugar into this 1.5L bottle, and it is potent. I'd guess 5% or better. good shit. I've got to get more of these bottles!

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