I swear the copy/internet shops in La Paz all have their heads up their asses. I had my boarding pass saved as a PDF on a thumb drive, but because it wasn't on the first partition, and apparently Windows only looks at the first partition, that wasn't usable. so I sent it to myself as an email, and went back to the same place to email it to them so they could print it, but he didn't want to give me the network key I guess. I handed him my device to type it in and he mistyped it so it wouldn't connect. I left.

later in the day, I went across town to try again. the next place didn't have wifi but wanted my Volaris password to login as me and get the boarding pass. no fucking way. I continued on to the other end of town where Office Depot also didn't let me connect to their network. it was evening by then, and I had to cross about 12 lanes of traffic to get to Office Max across the street. the lines were long, I got number 96 from the ticketing thing and the sign showed they were on number 89. my tablet battery was down to 2%. I waited and waited. then I noticed the number 90 ticket on the counter right in front of me, and grabbed it. I had already given up. I was sure my battery was going to die before I could get any service from these 3 guys and one hot young chick who worked there that they were all flirting with. but then this one guy called for number 90, I asked to connect to their network to print my boarding pass, and he first said no but then went right ahead and typed in the key and handed me the email address. my first attempt failed; it didn't have the attachment. I tried again, and luckily my Android had remembered the email address from the previous attempt so I didn't have to type it all in. he printed two copies of the boarding pass and I was out of there only 3 pesos lighter. I made it the 4 miles or so back home before the beer store closed, and got my (probably) last Ballena until next November.

so I'm pretty much ready for my flight tomorrow morning, but still have some cleaning up to do. I can probably handle that. hoping for smooth sailing.

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