let me get down some of the rememberances of this trip before I lose everything due to lack of sleep...

when I got off the plane, I got lost for a while in Tijuana airport. poor signage and lack of attention. when I got to the end of the highway I decided to try a different route than my usual Via de Juventud Oriente; I found one but it was no improvement, and there were so many twists and turns I doubt I could find it again anyway.

when I changed my money in San Ysidro, I didn't bother looking for the best exchange rate because I had only about 150 pesos anyway. and the young lady gave me a bottle of water, which was very welcome, and more than compensated for the maybe 10 cents I lost by not looking for the best rate.

I stopped in the San Ysidro library for Internet, and was going to get some sleep in the park behind, but it was already 3 PM or so, so I decided I'd better get going. the Beyer stop was just another couple blocks away. I switched to the Green line at Imperial, got off at Fashion Valley, and took the 41 to pick up the 101 at the VA hospital. the driver told me I'd have been better off taking the 150 at Old Town, and gotten a much quicker connection.

well anyway, the 101 was slow in coming, and Terri was close by, so she and her bubby met me down the street at Rock Bottom brewery instead. I told them I had food, but they insisted on sharing their nachos, jalapeño poppers, and other bar food with me. it was filling and much appreciated. then they gave me a ride to Encinitas, but I couldn't find any wifi to contact JM, so I ended up continuing north. freaking Starbucks no longer leaves their wifi on all night. cheap bastards.

I thought I had missed the last 101, but one went by me as I was heading up the hill between the two parts of Encinitas. I jogged after it, but had little hope it would stay stopped long enough for me to catch up. I had about 2 blocks to go. I was yelling "hold the bus!" to the bicyclist getting off, but I don't know if he heard me. but an old drunk guy, who was walking ahead of me and previously seemed to have no interest in it, started running too, and when he caught up to it, it pulled away. he swatted the window, fell down, and almost got run over. I guess at that point someone told the driver to stop. that gave me a chance to catch up, and use my day pass for the final leg to Oceanside. the old guy was OK, but he was pissed, and quite vociferous until he got off a few stops up the road.

I got my free bagel and birthday pastry at Panera in Chula Vista yesterday, and am in a Santa Ana Panera now typing this, having eaten another free bagel. it's almost full, so I'd probably better get out of here before I wear out my welcome. there are still some things I wanted to get down, but hopefully I'll remember them later.

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