no word from the boss since Wednesday morning. I'm beginning to think something's wrong.

dumpster diving yielded a pound of Finlandia butter, slightly dirty on the outside but I scraped that off. butter is a rare treat, but it'll go rancid quickly, I'm eating it like there's no tomorrow. also harvested 2.5 pounds of Stella smoked provolone. that might make a decent fusilli with cheese one of these days.

also bought a $5 steak half off from the Safeway manager's specials bin. it'll be the first non-sausage meat I've had in a while.

I've gone from a bottle of wine every two days to a bottle a week, or so, since getting that new work. I'm only having about 4 ounces a day, and late at night, just before bed, rather than with dinner. I don't expect this to last, though.

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