my cheese was getting moldy, the butter getting rancid, and yesterday's leftovers didn't appeal to me. but I had scored a pound of grass-fed ground beef marked down to $2.50 at Grocery Outlet today, plus a $2.99 bottle of Constelación tempranillo, so I made a casserole, and it turned out great.

lit up the camp stove using my hair as tinder, with some dried leaves and redwood needles below and above it. lit up first try; oily hair makes a great firestarter.

then I broke up the burgers and browned the meat in my pan. it took a few minutes, then I added yesterday's pasta leftovers, the remainder (about 1/4 pound) of the butter, and two large chunks of the smoked cheese. I kept feeding the stick stove for a while longer, then just let the pan sit over the coals.

I haven't tried the wine yet -- still drinking coffee -- but dinner was terrific.

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