woke up with another headache late last night. I'm coming to the conclusion that I can't drink wine unless I also eat meat. just drinking lots of water doesn't cut it any more on my almost-meatless freegan diet.

chicken trimmings: fat, skin, and some meat, sells for 39 cents a pound at Sprouts. it's just conventional chicken, not healthy meat, but that's quite a bargain and compares with the small random cuts G&G used to sell as "pet food". I got 1.4 pounds for 55 cents, and it's in my solar "oven" now. I'll probably have to light a fire later in order to really cook it.

got a lot to do by Sunday, then could be offline for two whole weeks. got to finish cleaning off my old server and getting everything running on the new ones, make some real progress on myturn, and get some stuff done around the property.

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