took Golden Gate 101 into San Francisco on Saturday and caught my Megabus to Los Angeles without incident. got to the Chinatown Starbucks at just about 4:30, their usual opening time, but since it was a Sunday it didn't open till 5. still, I was able to stay awake through two cups until daybreak. then I got a little sleep in the park across from Union Station. two different groups came through handing out breakfasts, which bolstered my food reserves beyond the jar of peanut butter I had found at a bus stop in SF.

hung around Union Station until 2PM, then took the Metrolink to Oceanside and got some more sleep on the beach. then took the 101 Breeze to UTC with my Metrolink ticket. that was the end of that $10 journey. so I started walking to Mission Valley, but found an Ofo rideshare bike, its locks broken off, abandoned on Gennessee just south of Clairmont Mesa. so I rode it to C street in Chula Vista, and left it there for the next person because my butt was sore. and now I'm in the H street Starbucks on my first cup.

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