so many things I wanted to note on the trip north but have forgotten. I've got to write me a decent keyboard app to make typing on the phone less painful. wondering if it's possible to use one phone as a bluetooth keyboard for the other.

I may have mentioned this before: using giant garbage bags as rainwear or drysuit. cut small holes for the eyes, and use plastic bottle ends and caps with clear plastic to see through. use one-way valves through a third hole for air. not sure if I can find any big enough for enough freedom of movement for arms and legs though.

the Metrolink ticket machine at Oceanside was really screwy. first it didn't offer me any payment options, other than credit card, but when I put in the card it hung, saying something like "scanning last 3 transactions". I canceled that, and started over, this time seeing and selecting the "cash" option. it printed me two tickets, and two receipts, each for two tickets, a total of $40 having only spent $10. I gave my extra ticket to the women in line behind me.

I have to find out if the Metrolink day pass works on LA transit. that would be great if it did.

couldn't find the Presidigo bus stop in downtown San Francisco. the signs at the transit center were confusing. so I walked instead, for 12 hours, all the way into San Rafael. warmed up at Starbucks and then caught the bus to Petaluma, only about $6 from there with the Clipper card. I was carrying about 30 pounds including clothing.

no more food grab at the senior center, or at least not the same. now they require ID, which means they're keeping a tally, probably for the purpose of requesting government funds. so I can't do that any more. I'm going to have to learn to like salads, and do a lot more foraging.

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