last night I had a dream that I was in some sort of Masonic cult that, among other strange behaviors, piled their shit up in a huge mountain of dried excrement, and ate from the bottom of the pile (maybe 100- or 1000-year-old feces). on waking up, I assumed it had something to do with populating the gut biome with beneficial bacteria, but wondered if it would survive all that time.

today I went to the DMV to renew my drivers license. online it said the fee was $20, but wouldn't let me renew online for some reason, and the fee at the office was $36. but I had to do it, or risk spending a huge chunk of my time in court as the "sovereign state citizen" types have to do, so I forked over the money and will have to suffer the consequences in the form of less food money for the remaining days until July 20. already I spent a lot on ammunition before the new laws take effect July 1, and $30 on my passport renewal.

when I got home after that, I found the chorizo I had stockpiled had all gone bad; the plastic wrappers were all swollen and on the verge of exploding. so I went back downtown and bought about $2 (half a pound) of "country sausage", basically ground pork with spices, and added it to the 50 cent onion and 60 cent potato I had bought at Trader Joe's. first I cooked the onion and potato in some coconut oil, and added chunks of the sausage towards the end. my home fries turned out really good, and the addition of protein just made it a perfect dinner. but still, at $3, too expensive, assuming I'm going to have other unexpected expenditures over the next 4 weeks. I'm going to have to be more frugal, or I'll get into the bad habit of borrowing against the next t month.

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