I just hit upon a super-small bicycle design that satisfies all California-relevant definitions (PDF) although I'm sure a cop would have a hard time with the ors in the 39000 definition:

picture a Razor scooter with a horizontally-extended base and a comfortable seat, like that of a motorcycle. then mount pedals between the seat and the steering column. finally, add two more wheels, on either side of the seat, that don't touch in normal operation but one of which will keep you upright during stops, that satisfy the "or having four or more wheels" part of the 39000 definition (and thus mooting the 20-inch wheel requirement). it still fits all the other definitions since it does have two wheels in a tandem arrangement.

I'll use a shaft with gears on each end for the drive rather than a chain, but that also matches the given definitions.

I've been pondering that off and on for a long time! now I can get down to the nitty-gritty of actually making something that works. and then make it ultra-portable, and finally even wearable.

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