I've been making sprouts from one of those two cans of alfalfa that an elderly couple gifted me out of their Y2K reserves a few years ago. I can't remember what I did with the other can. Anyway, it takes very little to make a full 12 ounce jar of sprouts, so I've probably got enough to last until I leave for Mexico again in the fall. I've been making sprout-and-kraut salads as I did last winter and spring. Just add some olive and sesame oils and it's a quick and tasty meal. I followed it with some mac-and-cheese, made with Trader Joe's fusilli, about 1/3 of a bag, and 3 2-ounce sticks of Kraft cheese I got at Grocery Outlet, 6 sticks (12 ounces) for 97 cents.

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