Over the last 3 days, my sense of smell has almost completely recovered. "Stink" was one of the last to come back. A blessing in some ways, but if you want to be around other people, it is necessary to know.

The progression of the disease, as I recall:

First 24 hours, beginning December 17 at about 2200 local (Mexico Pacific) time: itchy throat, having to swallow a lot more phlegm than usual.

Second 24 hours: loss of smell and taste; throat better, now headache, mostly from right side of forehead down to teeth. Also, bad congestion.

At about 10PM Sunday night, at the 48 mark, I took the first 4 Ivermectin tablets, 24 grams total.

3rd 24 hours: intermittent nonproductive cough; congestion sometimes easing up; sneezing occasionally; intermittent headaches, not as bad as 2nd day.

Took another 24 grams of Ivermectin that night.

Final 12 hours, ending 10 AM Tuesday: very light, intermittent headaches; congestion improved; smell and taste starting to reappear; coughing less frequently.

From my post on Facebook.

After that first 84 hours, I felt back to my normal self, but still had to blow my nose occasionally for the next couple (?) of days.

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