Just got off the phone with Volaris. Was on hold almost 10 minutes, but finally got my flight canceled. Whew.

Back story: I got an email today, 90% off flights with vClub. Since I'm a member, I thought great, let's get next year's flights at a good discount. Sure enough, I got my Tijuana to La Paz flight for about 14 dollars, and the return flight for about 8! The airport fee was the biggest part, over 45 dollars! But still a good deal, so I booked it. And immediately saw I had botched it, leaving in spring and returning in the fall, the opposite of what I intended. And couldn't cancel online because I had paid with PayPal instead of using a credit card. All of a sudden my great deal was wasted funds, something I cannot remotely afford.

But I called their Mexico support line, +525511028000, got English by pressing 2, and got it canceled. Hallelujah. Not going to try again today, time for a jog.

Sadly enough, this wasn't the first time I've done the same goddamned thing.

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