I've been using refrigeration for a few days: 1 bag of ice (24 pesos, about $1.20 USD) in a small cooler with my arrachera meat. It works really well, there's still ice floating at the top 24 hours later. The meat is marinating in soy sauce inside ziploc bags. I'll up the marinade to chile powder, garlic powder, lime juice, more soy sauce, and maybe beer, the day before the party.

Ran out of soy sauce at this location, and don't want to buy a new bottle so close to leaving. And really don't feel like going all the way to Los Cardones or Calafia to refill. So I made a roughly 6% saline solution and put that in my bottle to tide me over. If I had used Negra Modelo instead of water, it would even look the part.

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