Tips for Starbucks summer game, level 6, that as far as I know aren't mentioned in the instructions: groups of 5 or more are counted double (20 per square rather than 10). That's what makes The "object" booster so powerful. I think it also works when you have 5 or more of the same object in a "row", "column", or "area" clear, but don't want to waste one to be sure. Only 4 more days of it after today, and only 1 for me, because I'm headed into the foothills starting tomorrow. So save up your boosters, use any combination of row, area, and column clears to join together groups of 5 or more of the same object, and make good use of object clearing boosters. Oh, and remember the objects refill from the top, so make sure to click upper groups before lower, because if you click the lower one it may misalign the upper one.

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