Over a week ago, I had two mornings in a row that I couldn't get an erection. Googling green papaya, I found a couple of relevant links, one from a Singaporean site "fact-checking" young Singaporean males who believed the fruit impaired their virility (the fact check, of course, led me to believe the young men were on to something), and another whose study showed that papaya seeds lowered testosterone and killed sperm. So anyway, I'm stopping eating green papaya, and made a tincture from damiana (Turnera diffusa) leaves which seems to be helping.

Finally tried pouring hot fat into a canning jar to preserve meat. I had the jar on top of an aluminum pan, and it seemed to work to dissipate the heat. At least, the jar didn't crack, and it's well sealed. The fat was from lonja, mostly pig skin and fat with a little meat. I bought it from the smaller Arámburo on 16 Septiembre, and it was somewhat rotten. Gave off a strong ammonia odor while cooking. Eating it anyway, though.

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