These are hacks I did that were either never implemented by my employers at the time, or for some other reason aren't listed elsewhere. Of course I have many more of those than this, but each of these have, or at least had, more 'hack value' than the average, and I am more proud of some of these than I am of anything on my awards page.

1998-01-01-01.jpg 1994-07-30-01.jpg 1994-07-20-02.jpg 1994-07-20-01.jpg 1994-01-01-01.jpg 1993-12-08-01.jpg 1993-07-12-01.jpg 1992-01-01-01.jpg 1990-12-26-02.jpg 1990-12-26-01.jpg 1990-11-12-01.jpg