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Apparently those large-leaved plants I found growing in the washes and along the streets of Baja California are a wild tobacco, Nicotiana glauca. "Ingestion of the leaves can be fatal"... glad I didn't continue my edibility testing! [comment]


My right-foot Chaco catastrophically failed today, having worn completely through the sole, and abrasion cutting the strap in two. I was extremely fortunate that this process did not complete yesterday during my trek back to Two Day Town from downtown Livermore. [comment]


On my walk yesterday I ate a couple of nuts I thought were almonds but had the cyanide bittersweetness of peach pits. Could peaches be growing in the east bay? The fruits were furry. [comment]


Two Day Town would be so much better without the checkered asshat droning on before and after every act. Regardless, groove.org was fuckin' awesome. [comment]


Seriously dehydrated, I drank a few gulps from the lake, risking coliform bacteria, giardia, and other nasties. A few miles later I gulped down a quart from a water fointain. I believe I hear music from Two Day Town. I hope so, there probably isn't more than a half hour of daylight left. [comment]


Decided to go back to the lake by way of south L street/Arroyo Road. Just past the VA hospital there was a park with a public restroom. Just in time. [comment]


One thing I noticed at Union Station the other day was the acoustics in the long corridor, from where the train platforms branch off: horrible. With some practice, I could pick out the "May I have your attention please", but anything beyond that was lost in a cacophony of echos, reverberations, and clipping. Either no sound engineer was consulted or they just don't care. [comment]


Forgot to mention that while I was waiting for the Megabus, I finally endured the pain to break off that chunk of my split tooth that had been bugging me, and threw it in the trash. Once the gum heals and toughens up, I'll hopefully be able to use what's left of that tooth. I'd been avoiding it for a few months while that loose piece was flapping back and forth and causing pain.

And then I met a guy Douglas who had a hand in creating a 3-level accordion bus that has been to Burning Man. He walked with me a while last night after the bus let us out, but at some point he wandered off in a different direction and I continued to the Embarcadero. [comment]


The Megabus arrived in SF before 0200. Walked around all night and reached the Golden Gate bridge just after the number 80 bus passed. In another half hour I was on the 101, nodding out between each stop so it seemed instantaneous travel between towns. At the Petaluma downtown Starbucks for the last hour or so, about to head over to see a certain lady. [comment]


So it seems Sam Woo never closed after all! But their prices are up. Stopped at Mayflower first but they asked to see cash first and that reminded me of how rude they've always been. Anyway, after going to an ATM I found Sam and got the brisket with special sauce and a bowl of rice.

Union Station and surroundings are changing! Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's now inside. It's the age-old process of gentrification once those at the top of the local power structure have bought up all the key pieces of real estate they want. Then they send in the thugs in blue to chase out the crackheads while they lease, rent, and sell to upscale clientele. Once the area has been milked for what it's worth, tell the police chief that the ACLU is giving you a hard time, leave the homeless alone. Ghettofication commences, prices drop, and the same controlling elites buy it all back for pennies. Rinse and repeat. As long as they pace themselves slowly and keep the cycles going for at least 40 years, few realize what's going on, and you can just label them conspiracy kooks. [comment]


Bastards expired my Tap card, so bought another one for a buck plus the one-way fare of $1.50. Decided to skip sleep in favor of food. Maybe I can sleep on the bus. [comment]


So the OCTA fare is only $2 after all. I gathered from the website the cheapest option were $5 for a day pass. So, I'll get to Long Beach from Oceanside for a total of $3.75. Then I've got to hoof it a few miles to get to the metro and to Union station. Hoping to find some good, cheap Chinese food before the SF trip. Drank too much beer last night and my stomach is sour. [comment]


Back at Larry's Beach House, my favorite dive bar in Oceanside. Last time I sang karaoke here I did so badly it almost cured me. But I'm on my 2nd pint so who knows? [comment]


Can't find a bank or a Starbucks anywhere in Oceanside. Lots of sketchy 3rd-party ATMs I don't trust. Getting my coffee and Internet fix at Denny's but no place to plug in. [comment]


Got to the Oceanside transit center within 72 hours. Kit Carson would probably not be impressed, but he probably wouldn't diss me either.

The first 395 to San Clemente departs tomorrow at 0705. I plan to be on it. [comment]


Couldn't pass up the $1 tamale sign at Super Ranchito. Got pork. Not a lot of meat, but spicy and good tasting. [comment]


Carlsbad, the town that never ends, is finally behind me. Now in Oceanside. [comment]


Long night now over, resting feet and back at Starbucks in Cardiff by the Sea.

Found a good crop of aloe, finally, in Solana Beach, and snipped off a piece of a leaf. [comment]


Del Mar cop stopped to chat twice. I didn't feel like starting anything so long as he didn't ask my name, and he didn't. Guess all he wanted was to make sure I wasn't going to stay. [comment]


Goddamned arch supports are killing my feet. No more Chacos. [comment]


Fuck La Jolla and its shitty street layout, poor signage, lack of sidewalks. Back on Torrey Pines Rd. after an unexpected detour through the hills. [comment]


The Fatburger in Pacific Beach was a mistake, but I remembered meeting the owner at Lake Atitlan in 2007 or 2008. He had opened a restaurant of the same name there, can't remember if in Panajachel or San Pedro la Laguna.

Anyway, it didn't go down well, it wasn't that great, with tax it was almost $5 and service was very slow, possibly over a half hour wait.

Washed out my two wool shirts in the bay today, but they still aren't dry and now I'm cold even with my coat on. Should be OK once I start walking though.

Seems I've lost or misplaced my backup USB key. I thought it was in the waterproof bag around my neck, but it's not there and though a hole has appeared in it, the hole isn't big enough for it to fit through.

I've been at a Starbucks in La Jolla for a while. Should be in Oceanside sometime tomorrow. [comment]


The MUP along Harborside Drive, as it curves north and west heading past SD airport, is a major TAZ. No cops, lots of people "sleeping rough", easy to climb down on the rocks and pee against the seawall. There is also one restroom I saw open late. [comment]


Found a Rock Bottom brewpub in the Gaslamp district! $3.50 pints is more like it. Can't believe I've been overpaying at Yard House, The Field, and other pubs all these years. And the new Mug Club doesn't cost a penny, seems to me the previous one did. [comment]


Finally caught a nap on the grass next to the MUP between Harborside and Petco Park. Before that I had a large Sapporo and a spicy tuna roll for $5.95 each. The sushi was a bargain, the beer wasn't. And before that, I found a prickly pear plant, sliced and chewed part of a leaf, and apllied it to the, ahem, chafing mentioned earlier. Made it worse in the short term but it feels better now. [comment]


While still in Tijuana I was beginning to notice chafing in my asscrack, and it's getting worse mile after mile. Saw a couple of aloe plants I could have used, but they looked so anemic I didn't have the heart to cut one.

Forgot to mention, I saw those same fleshy-leaved plants growing on the street in Tijuana as I saw in La Paz. I'd sure like to get an ID on those. [comment]


The INMI agent at the bus station wouldn't take back my visa turistica, told me I had to take it back at the border. Got lost as usual, walked maybe 10 miles out of the way. Got to the border office before midnight, but the people there told me it wasn't open, and sent me down that back street to a gate at the end of a block. The guys there didn't understand what I wanted to do but I convinced one of them to keep the visa and I walked away. If they want the goddamned things back I sure wish they'd get their fucking act together.

Then I went to find cheap tacos and beer across the footbridge. No luck, it's like a ghost town, on a Friday night. So came back to an uneventful crossing of the US border. They weren't even running the luggage scanners. [comment]


Checkpoint just past the toll road entry. Last one? Maybe. [comment]


This must be Ensenada. I recognize the Costco. [comment]


Just had another non-intrusive "search". The soldier was laughing about something. I guess they must know we've all been through it several times. [comment]


Fourth military checkpoint, we didn't even have to get out of our seats, and I wasn't asked anything. Hoping that was the last, but I'm pretty sure there are more. [comment]


The third checkpoint was the least invasive so far; that was a few hours ago. Scheduled to arrive in Tijuana at 1904 California time. [comment]


At the first checkpoint the soldiers made me empty all my pockets, asking me if I were a terrorist, cracking jokes. The second one wasn't so bad. [comment]


Having my last cuppa at Café Frida for a while. Tonight I should be boarding a bus to Tijuana; 24 hours later I should be in San Ysidro, CA walking or taking public transit to Oceanside. Then Metrolink to LA, where on the night of the 23rd I board the Megabus for my $3.50 trip to San Francisco.

I'd walk all the way to Los Angeles if I could, but apparently there's still no legal way to walk through Pendleton. Free country my ass. I found the blog of a guy who crossed it by night in the shoulder of I-5, but I don't feel like taking the risk. [comment]


Ahmadinejad probably isn't as evil as he is being portrayed by Western media to be. Kim probably isn't as stupid as he's being portrayed either. Remember being fooled with "Ayatollah Assahola", or all the bumper stickers making Hussein out to be the devil? Me too. Not falling for it any more. [comment]


No luck with bitcoin after all. Taking a look at litecoin's profile:

  %   cumulative   self              self     total           
 time   seconds   seconds    calls  Ks/call  Ks/call  name    
 83.94  12694.23 12694.23 3930732341     0.00     0.00  xor_salsa8
 15.38  15020.81  2326.58  3090320     0.00     0.00  scrypt_1024_1_1_256_sp

Pretty obvious where I should focus my efforts. [comment]


In the dream from which I just awoke, I was working at a primitive crematorium, at which I built a huge wood fire in a big cast-iron stove and burned the bodies, two at a time. Afterwards I'd slide the skeletons through a hole in the grate; the ashes were just left to build up on the floor below. 4 fingers broke off in my hand as I was guiding the 2nd skeleton through the hole, and I threw them in after it. [comment]


I have to wonder if most Mexicans have ever tasted real butter. Obviously the margarine manufacturers have carta blanca to mislabel their product as mantequilla pura de vaca. I know I've mentioned this before, but just got a reminder this morning at La Perla. This time the brand name is Gloria. [comment]


Pasted the SHA256Transform commented disassembly to pastebin.com. In case you weren't following previous blog posts, this routine is the biggest time hog in bitcoind. [comment]


Here is the latest profile data:

Each sample counts as 0.01 seconds.
  %   cumulative   self              self     total           
 time   seconds   seconds    calls   s/call   s/call  name    
 69.30     60.87    60.87 1053409790     0.00     0.00  SHA256Transform(...)
  7.43     67.40     6.53 1053409792     0.00     0.00  SHA256_update(...)
  5.73     72.43     5.03 1053409791     0.00     0.00  SHA256_init(...)
  5.69     77.43     5.00        1     5.00    79.04  BitcoinMiner(CWallet*)

Dividing 72.43 by 1053409790 shows we're back up to 6.88ns per call to SHA256_Transform, but some of that would be due to the extra call. Since the library routines obviously aren't taking up much of the time, I'm going to look at the rest of the code in SHA256Transform, and get rid of these "middleman" routines. [comment]


Looks like I cut the average execution time of SHA256Transform down from 64.6ns to 43.7ns just by changing the ByteReverse() function in util.h from the C code to the bswap instruction in assembly. However, I'm apparently not computing hashes much faster. Going to have to make small functions to call the library routines for SHA256 so the profiler shows me how much time is spent in them. [comment]


Nope. Tried that, still lost another .0005. Seems it's ignored, or I'm misunderstanding how to use it. [comment]


Lost another BTC0.0005, dammit! Guess it's necessary to bitcoind settxfee 0.00000001 before every freaking transaction? [comment]


Well, I guess I know where my efforts need to go:

Each sample counts as 0.01 seconds.
  %   cumulative   self              self     total
 time   seconds   seconds    calls   s/call   s/call  name
 80.02     51.26    51.26 792915136     0.00     0.00  SHA256Transform(void*, void*, void const*)


Hacking bitcoin. After adding a debugging line to main.cpp, I'm seeing typically about 50 transactions being processed in 61ms. Now recompiling with -pg so I can run gprof and see which routines could benefit from an improved algorithm or some assembly language using the YMM registers.

If I can mine more efficiently with off-the-shelf hardware, or better yet, EC2 instances, I could possibly make a bit of money before I feel compelled to share it with the world. [comment]


Got bitcoind working from upstart; tried at first using the chroot and setuid stanzas, but it wasn't starting and I didn't want to research it any more, so I just used su:

ubuntu@bitcoin:~$ cat /etc/init/bitcoind.conf 
# run bitcoind as user ubuntu, respawning on failure
# it has a memory leak so I expect it to get killed off occasionally
start on stopped RUNLEVEL=[2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]
exec chroot /mnt su - ubuntu -c "bin/bitcoind"
ubuntu@bitcoin:~$ cat bin/bitcoind 
sudo chroot /mnt su - ubuntu -c "bin/bitcoind $*"
ubuntu@bitcoin:~$ bitcoind getbalance


And finally I can run both litecoind, as compiled on my Ubuntu EC2 instance, and bitcoind on my netbook; neither in mining mode. I shut that down after getting both my EC2 instances mining, and after reading that notebook computers tend to fry when mining because they can't cool fast enough.

knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/lib/ubuntu12/ litecoind getbalance

~/lib/ubuntu12, of course, is where I placed the files I extracted from the tarball made in the previous blog. [comment]


Working on solving my library compatibility problems:

mkdir /tmp/litecoin-libs
for file in $(ldd ~/hack/litecoin/src/litecoind); do
 if [ "${file:0:1}" = "/" ]; then
  cp $file /tmp/litecoin-libs/
cd /tmp
tar cvfj litecoin-libs.tbz litecoin-libs

Obviously filenames with spaces would break this; but this is Linux. Unix hackers just don't do that crap. [comment]


Followed the instructions to extend the KNOPPIX-DATA filesystem several times and the extra blocks were always lost on reboot. So I renamed knoppix-data.img to knoppix-data.img.disabled, rebooted, resized, tested using mount -o loop knoppix-data.img.disabled /mnt, verified the correct size using df; then rebooted, renamed back to knoppix-data.img, rebooted yet again, and I finally have my extra blocks. Dayumn. And every step I might have botched something and lost everything. [comment]


Breakfast at Café Canela on Madero, Huevos Rancheros, 35 pesos for a satisfying meal. Didn't feel much like eating all day yesterday, and still don't today, but am trying to keep my strength up.

Dicked around with bitcoind and litecoind most of yesterday and this morning. Having library compatibility problems. Sent a test transaction of BTC0.00000001, the smallest possible amount, to the default account on my aws-bitcoin server; it took a few minutes to get there, and I lost BTC0.0005 in the process! After that I bitcoind settxfee .00000001 so it wouldn't happen again. [comment]


Brought two new servers online in the Amazon cloud, one running bitcoind and the other litecoind. Gonna get serious with this mining shit. [comment]


I've been through hell ever since eating that sea hare egg mass earlier today. Just now pulling out of it, using some of the Silva mind-control techniques I picked up from that "superman" article a few weeks ago. Something weird is that I had this concept, while sleeping, that I had to navigate several (three?) different "families" of wellness before I'd be able to fight it off, and there was no scientific way of knowing if I had successfully accomplished each phase, other than by the results. I don't expect that to make sense now, maybe on some future date though.

Another key point is that I had to stimulate a "fever" by putting on as many warm clothes as possible. This burned away the toxins and/or pathogens. [comment]


You've probably seen the bumper sticker: "If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you're reading it in English, thank a veteran." or one of its many variants. Other people have discussed the implications before, but here's my take.

Except for the generations that are living during the occupation of a country, who may (or may not) have to endure learning a new language, who really cares? If I had grown up speaking Chinese, would I be sad on learning that English had been spoken in this part of the world before, and cry nostalgic tears? I grew up in central Maine, where French had once been the predominant language (after the Abnakis had been wiped out). Up through 4th grade, we were still being tought French in public schools in the 1960s. After that, it became an elective, and, though being half French extraction myself, I and many other French-named students dropped it like a hot potato, preferring to study Latin, German, or Spanish. People in general just don't give a damn what language they grow up speaking or what language their parents spoke.

Besides, how many veterans ever fought to prevent an invasion of the mainland U.S., regardless of the invader's will to change our language? I'm not a history buff, but I doubt that it's ever been any country's or group's high priority. [comment]


I've probably mentioned before, but I believe the world would be a much nicer place if everybody learned how to hunt and forage for sustenance, and tried it for at least 3 months of their lives. Nobody who did this could then be oblivious to the impact of man-made or man-propagated toxins on the environment; each would know he would be eating them sooner or later. [comment]


Yesterday evening on the malecon there was a kid on a type of "fishtail vehicle", the only propulsion action being swinging an arm back and forth, with the single drive wheel using the horizontal pressure and converting it into forward motion. The same wheel also steers. This one had the swing arm in front, but I want mine rear-mounted for amphibious use. [comment]


I awoke laughing in the wee hours of the morning from a dream. Two young people were using a term I had never heard before, "anti-moonbait". Apparently, in this dreamworld, people were very poor and mostly ate a mush of boiled grains. To make it more satisfying and spicy they'd add anything cheap and meaty they could find, like liverwurst or canned beef stew. But this "moonbait" got disgusting after a while so they'd have to find some anti-moonbait to get the taste out of their mouths. I recall it being Mountain Dew in the dream but I'm far from sure about that.

There was also a vignette of a bird bringing strips of huge pink-and-white flower petals for me to eat.

[P.S. I googled "moonbait" and its current "urban dictionary" meanings are far different.] [comment]


Ate a blossom and part of a leaf of the local "sow thistle" in La Paz today. It was a little bitter but definitely palatable. I'd say that's another keeper. [comment]


For years now I've had an item on my to-do list to write an rdiff (remote diff) program for comparing local files and directories with those on a remote server. Just now stumbled upon sshfs, which allows one to "mount" a remote computer's entire filesystem, using userfs, under a local mountpoint. Problem solved! [comment]


Just because I'm opposed to Monsanto doesn't mean I fear and decry all genetic engineering. I would love to see acacias that grow cocoa beans, and prickly pears that produce coffee. But that's not the kind of thing these current champions of GMOs are doing. They are focused on poisoning the earth with their patented chemicals and on keeping the world's food supply under their lock and key. [comment]

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