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I've come to the conclusion that Salvatore is still yanking our collective chain the same way he was previously jerking his eBay victimes around individually. He had all morning Friday to send the $20 by Western Union. He didn't check Justin's message board until 1:43 PM (Eastern time); that was when he saw my post about not being able to pick up the money until Saturday (today). So when he started posting at 6:24 PM, he had that as his excuse. IMHO he has absolutely no intention of repaying his victims. Any cops reading this? With all due respect, please do your fucking job and haul this guy away. [comment]


Channel 10, NBC News in Philadelphia is losing interest in the Sal Wise story, no doubt in part due to Sal's embarrassing no-show at his interview. If they see sufficient interest though, they might consider another attempt. So if you care - send them an email! [comment]


Well, those of you following Justin's bulletin board know by now that Sal just broke another promise - he was going to Western Union me a partial refund of $20 last night, but had an excuse that they were all closed (which turned out to be true); however, he still hasn't sent it, now almost 4PM Eastern time. No doubt he'll have a lame-assed excuse for it sometime tonight (after they've all closed again) and/or tell me he decided to send it by U. S. mail again - and most likely to my old (now defunct) address.

So those of you to whom he promised refunds "real soon now" - don't start holding your breath just yet. [comment]


Sal's apparently back posting to the Lexus Owner's Club again! Or is it Angelo? Or Vince? Or Michelle calling in from Luna?

Sal's firewalled pretty well. Assuming he's had the same IP for the last few days, he clicked twice on the link designed to grab the NetBIOS name of his computer, and I got nothing. The rest of you wanna-be Sals who clicked on it, don't worry, I'm not going to attempt to crack your systems. I'm glad you helped me test the script!

Got to somehow drag myself away from all this and man perltoot until I can make some sense of it! But damn this is intoxicating! [comment]


Saeed, and anybody else who thinks I made this whole story up: I didn't. Despite the surreal quality of the whole thing, it's not a fabrication. I'm not nearly that creative, for one thing, and not that desperate for attention. But of course, you're welcome to believe whatever you wish. I'm actually curious to see how many people you can dupe into thinking the story itself is a scam! [comment]


From: mich <mich617@comcast.net>
To: jc <jc@jcomeau.com>
Subject: Listen

Do you want you money back or are you in this for kicks? I really am sorry you had to wait months and months and didnt get your money but it really is the truth about vince and i never owned them gold coins. I sold them for vince because i worked for him. I tried to keep his name out of it but he tried to throw the blame my way to the repoters so now i must expose him to the world like iwas exposed only i sold these things for him!

Since i am responsible for the funds because the auctions were in my name i am paying back people. Dont you just want the money instead of fooling around getting invloved with little kids who keep posting more stupid stuff and more lies. It just gets worse and worse. I will be sending out your money by next week along with others so please send me your address to mail the money order too.

I am currently emailing everyone that i personally have to refund because i dont need all this crap on my name and vince isnt helping me out even though he is invloved so i have to do it on my own. So for once lets end it and just send me your address so i have it ready. Thanks

jcomeau@notebook:~/www/www/blog$ whois -h whois.dd24.net p-jlc41
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; only for lawful purposes and that, under no circumstances, you will
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; Key-Systems GmbH reserves the right to modify these terms.
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contact-organization: jcomeau.com contact-fname: John contact-lname: Comeau contact-street: 5580 Lake Park Way #3 contact-city: La Mesa, CA contact-zip: 91942 contact-country: US contact-phone: 425-940-8061 contact-email: jcomeau@jcomeau.com

Just do it, Sal. No more promises, just do it. [comment]


Well, as the whole world knows by now, the Sal Wise story got Slashdotted again...

It's funny how things get twisted around on Slashdot (or anywhere people discuss what they read)... Now there are people calling Sal "Sam" and making the connection to LOTR. And Vincent M[ae]ssina has somehow been transmogrified into Vince Foster. Maybe by tomorrow it'll be Jodie Foster. I think what happens is that only a few people read the original article (in this case it's hard to blame them because Justin's T1 can't handle a slashdotting at all), and when they make comments, later people riff off those first few comments, thinking that their authors actually read the article... when you go down a few levels deep, you get posts which are so far removed from the original topic there is little resemblance.

To me, Sal's site is an admission of guilt. After all Sal's denials he finally owns up to listing the gold coins on eBay, and then not shipping them after finding out they were fake, and not refunding the buyers. He blames all this on someone else, sure, but he admits having done it! Now just prove he's the one who posted the site, pretty easy if Comcast will cooperate with the cops as I'm sure they will, and case closed. Lock him up, throw away the key. [comment]


I got a little surprise for Sal... but I don't want anybody else looking at it. So if you're Sal Wise... check this out.

There are probably a gazillion ways to exploit that script... hopefully my machine won't be 0wn3d before I figure out any problems with it. [comment]


Finally figured out why I couldn't use nmblookup. I had the friggin 'Netbios' box unchecked on the 2wire firewall under 'Inbound and Outbound Control' on the Advanced Settings page. That's why tcpdump showed telling me port 137 was unreachable, rather than the target host telling me. Took me long enough to grok that. [comment]


Amazing. Simply amazing. This guy Sal doesn't give up. After posting a web page admitting his own crimes, he's still posting on Justin's bulletin board threatening to sue this, that, and the other guy for posting pictures. Of course, all this is anonymous, so he can deny all of it later. But Occam is still telling me it's our Sal.

Haven't heard back from the DA. I wonder if it's true that she is in the Mafia's pocket? Shit, I wonder what Philly officials aren't? But then, Sal isn't on such good terms with that group either, is he? They might keep him out of prison, but only so they can deal with him in their own special way. [comment]


Well, well, well. Sal is back with his side of the story (mirrored here), and now claims it isn't dear old Dad but mean old Uncle Vinnie, the local Mafia Don, who was the devil that made him do it all. He's putting a space after his punctuation now, I guess someone's helping him, but his spelling and grammar is just about as bad as before.

He wants proof that I paid him, or he won't refund me. The number of the Postal money order is 9186744234, bought Sept. 25, 2003 at the Pembroke, Maine post office. The amount was $405.00. No, Sal, I don't have the receipt any more. But that doesn't let you off the hook.

You're right about NBC's picture of you, it doesn't do you justice. Handsome dude you are. You'll be real popular in prison I bet. [comment]


That's strange. I read on NBC's site that Sal didn't show up for the interview. So where'd they get the pic then? I bet his lawyers told him not to do it. He would almost certainly have made public death threats, and that wouldn't be good for his case. It would be really, really difficult to blame Dad for it after millions of TV viewers heard it from his own lips. [comment]


(image: Sal Wise, the Philly Scammer) They really did it! NBC News in Philly, WCAU, aired the Sal Wise story on the 6 O'Clock news! Sal looks defiant. I gotta hear what he has to say.


Sorry about the problems with the site, I've been fucking around with it trying to get the goddamned suexec to work, so I could run the main daemon as 'nobody' instead of 'jcomeau' and still have my permissions on CGI scripts setup like before. What a pisser. Finally got it just about sorted, though I'll probably be cleaning up for a while. I had to do that so I could set up WebDAV to run Subversion, a mo-betta CVS than CVS. It's always the same thing, you have to do this so you can do this so you can do that, and there are problems every fucking step of the way. ARRRGGHHHH! OK, that felt better.

My final httpd configuration:

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/httpd --enable-ssl --enable-suexec --enable-dav=yes --enable-so=yes --enable-info --with-suexec-caller=nobody --with-suexec-docroot=/home

This is Apache-2.0.49 so don't try this with an Apache-1.3 installation!

Now to see what I've gotta do to get WebDAV working... [comment]


Bugger. Getting "Stale NFS file handle" errors. Both ends are using V3. And I thought I was so close. It seems random, occurring at different files each time, usually while copying /ref/etc/* to /etc in my /init script. Is it verboten to mount filesystems on top of an nfs root?

No more news from our boy in Philly. He's not checking my website much either, unless he's using a proxy. Must be working on another scam somewhere; I wish ebay would let you use the power of the google search engine on their auctions, and search completed auctions (which you can do only by title). I see Justin's now selling merchandise to help pay for bandwidth and legal costs... just want to publicly dissociate myself from that... nothing against him doing it for himself or any other of Sal's victims, but that's not my style. [comment]


Had some limited success with my PXE boot; I can at least lynx from the console now! I finally got rid of the initrd altogether and used nfsroot. Here's my /tftpboot/X86PC/pxelinux/pxelinux.cfg/default file:

DEFAULT vmlinuz-2.4.22 ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/nfsroot init=/init

And here's the /init file I've currently got (this will change a lot by the time I'm done)...

if [ "$$" != "1" ]; then
 echo This must only be run directly by the kernel as the init process >&2
 exit 1
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ram0 bs=1024 count=4096
mke2fs -q /dev/ram0 &>/dev/null
mount -n /dev/ram0 /tmp &>/dev/null
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ram1 bs=1024 count=4096
mke2fs -q /dev/ram1 &>/dev/null
mount -n /dev/ram1 /etc &>/dev/null
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ram2 bs=1024 count=4096
mke2fs -q /dev/ram2 &>/dev/null
mount -n /dev/ram2 /var &>/dev/null
cp /ref/etc/inittab /ref/etc/defaultdomain /etc
cp /ref/etc/ld.so.* /etc
cp -r /ref/etc/rc.d /etc
cp /ref/etc/{protocols,services} /etc
mkdir -p /var/yp /var/run /var/log /var/spool
echo /dev/nfs / ext2 ro 0 0 > /etc/fstab
echo /dev/ram0 /tmp ext2 rw 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
echo /dev/ram1 /etc ext2 rw 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
echo /dev/ram2 /var ext2 rw 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
cp -f /etc/fstab /etc/mtab
mount -t proc proc /proc
mount -o rw,gid=5,mode=620 -t devpts devpts /dev/pts
cp /proc/net/pnp /etc/resolv.conf
exec /bin/bash -l

That /proc/net/pnp solution is pretty neat, don't you think?

Now I'm working on /etc/rc.d/rc.S, but just fucked up. I had hardlinked everything (cp -rl /etc /var /nfsroot/ref), and, fool that I am, edited the copy under /nfsroot/ref, expecting it to create a new inode when I saved the modified version. Of course you can't count on that, so I lost the original. I think the changes I made were done in such a way as to not mess with a normal boot, but can't risk it. Got to get a clean copy of rc.S and check.

Getting too sleepy, I'll maybe call it a night. [comment]


I ought to buy a nice big hard drive, and slurp down archive.org's eBay cache. Then I could search it for evidence... unfortunately it doesn't have the item detail pages, but I could at least match Sal's known sales against product titles and get a better idea of what he traded when. There may be other archives of which I'm not aware, too... it's a big web out there. Maybe I'll get good enough at this to specialize in web research! [comment]


Spelling errors are of course Sal's not mine:

From: "mich" <mich617@comcast.net>
To: <jcomeau@jcomeau.com>
Subject: Come one now!

Listen john,now once again you are mistaken. Read that lexus post again.It says clearly that i might sell the cluster on ebay.I didnt say i sold it on there.I didnt sell it at all and still have one here.Stop trying to catch me in lies because once again if people read that post from the lexus club they will see i never acually sold it.

Just stop the nonsence.Im not lieing about it so cut it out.I just cant believe you would go on health boards and say that crap when all i was doing was researching my illness.That wasnt cool at all.One thing you are right about and thats my father lived with me for a while and used the computer all the time in his own room and i never used that old computer so i wouldnt of knew what was going on there.

Im trying to sell my car to get you and others money but yet you keep talking trash about me.I could be a ass and just say screw it and dont do nothing at all and deal with the law and take any steps i need to clear my name that way.But i didnt do that now did i?Im trying to help so that everyone is paid and its over with and then i can sue for my money after i find his sorry ass.Now just end it for awhile and i will include you in the refund.I will need proof from all claims before they get paid though.And i didnt see proof yet that you acually paid so i will need to see that before the refunds go out.

My last email so have fun.



Heck, I just can't lay off this. Caught Sal in another lie, from his email on the 22nd:

Number one i sold on ebay only a couple items and had a user id of roxeys1 but havent sold nothing since march of 03 so you see i never sold you nothing

And here he is in mid-September of 2003 talking about selling his instrument cluster on eBay. But I'm sure he's got a song and dance about that too, don't you Sal? Hey, I bet you, Dad, and Michelle work 3 shifts at the computer don't you? And it's hard to remember who did what.

Thanks to REdOG on Justin's bulletin board for all the research! [comment]


I've decided I'm not going to worry about that scooter shop. At this point I'd have no way of knowing that any info I might get on it wouldn't be from Sal himself. So my offer of a dollar is off...

I've also got to refamiliarize myself with OO Perl for a job I'm starting next week. So I've got to detach myself a little from the Philly Scammer. I have to admit, the seed of doubt is planted. Maybe Sal's father is part of this scam - he would be about my age. But whoever it is has been doing this business out of Sal's house at 1941 W. Passyunk for years. So Sal, Jr. would be at least partially liable even if he hadn't cashed any of the checks. But in fact he and Michelle did cash some or all of the checks (Jr. said once that he cashed some of the checks because Dad doesn't have ID - and "Sr." said that both he and Jr. cashed checks at the same store), so he is legally complicit at a minimum. But Occam's razor tells me it's only one person, Sal Jr., who is running the whole show. His dad is definitely at fault for not using a rubber that fateful night in November 1976 though. [comment]


From: mich <mich617@comcast.net>
To: jc <jcomeau@jcomeau.com>
Subject: Bullet proof?

LOL.Your case is nothing.I got too much proof that it couldnt of been me.I got yesterday all my hospital records and now it shows it was impossible for me to be emailing people because i was indeed in the hostpital during alot of the coversations.Dont worry my lawyers are working on it.

No need to verify if there is a scooter shop.Come yourself and check it out.Maybe i can sell you a scooter to scoot on home with.

Why not have the guy take a pic of my shop at the corner since you already got the pic of my house?LOL but im still lieing and im a thief and a no good bastard right?God i cant wait till you look like a fool when you are proven wrong.

Also what is this about tennesse?Dude i have no idea what your talking about now.I never emailed you up until lately when i found out you were acussing me of shit.Any old emails you have sure aint from me because i never spoke with you before.I know im a lier though and who wants to believe a lier.This is just pathetic.Aol didnt cancel anything.I never had aol until my dad set it up and i found it when i did the restore.But thats right my father is a angel and he might be dead right?Lol you know so much but in reality know so little.

Anyone that knows my father would die laghing when they hear people acually calling my father a poor guy whos getting falsly accused.God give it up man its getting old.

Like i said before and i will say it again i run from NOBODY!I work everyday when im not sick and never beat a soul.Also your a sick pathetic fuck for going on the health boards and saying that shit.Your making yourself look dumber becase that just shows i really am sick and proves my point that i have been in and out of the hospital.What do you think i was posting on health boards for?Because i got a dame heart condition and was trying to find out info on it.

This is making you look bad and showing people i have been and still am sick and sooner or later people will start to see maybe i have been telling the truth and you really are accusing the wrong person.O i know im a lier and thief though so who cares.LOL Grow up and get a job.If you need work maybe you can help out at my store.

Here Sal, have some more rope. You're doing a great job. [comment]


Still building a bulletproof case against Mr. Salvatore Wise Jr. Both his online identity and his "father's" use the exact same brand of illiteracy; the same misspellings of "toke" for "took", and "dame" for "damn", among many others, the lack of apostrophes in "I'm" and before the 's' on possessives, and the lack of a space after a comma or period. I've been putting off posting this because it will alert him and he might change that; but what the hell, he's as good as caught now.

Can anybody reading this verify if there really is a scooter shop on the corner of W. Passyunk and 19th Street? I haven't been able to find it in a web search. If you could get me its address and/or phone number it would be great! I'll paypal you a dollar! And chances are, you'll get your name in my book - I really do intend to write one if this ends up as I'm expecting it will.

The slashdotting helped get me in the door for a programming gig too; of course it's up to me as to whether or not I can keep it! [comment]


Oh, Sal, by the way, <PETERPAN>I'll never grow up</PETERPAN>. And I already have a life; and its purpose, at least for the next few weeks, is to make yours a living hell. How am I doing? [comment]


Heh, Sal I just went back and checked the headers in your old emails. That IP you sent from, when you said you were in Tennessee, was a Philadelphia IP.

jcomeau@notebook:~/www/www/sal_wise$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1 (  1.228 ms  0.782 ms  0.773 ms
 2  homeportal.gateway.2wire.net (  16.324 ms  15.254 ms  18.876 ms
 3  bastij5.telnor.net (  38.221 ms  36.954 ms  39.465 ms
 4  red-corpb6-12-2.telnor.net (  41.346 ms  37.108 ms  39.339 ms
 5  red-corpb4-1-4.telnor.net (  39.510 ms  38.720 ms  39.340 ms
 6  sl-gw23-ana-2-0.sprintlink.net (  43.402 ms  44.777 ms  43.295 ms
 7  sl-bb20-ana-3-3.sprintlink.net (  47.380 ms  44.833 ms  45.284 ms
 8  sl-bb22-ana-14-0.sprintlink.net (  86.804 ms  48.777 ms  177.501 ms
 9 (  49.139 ms  48.836 ms  49.201 ms
10  bur-core-01.inet.qwest.net (  49.303 ms  48.556 ms  49.167 ms
11  iah-core-02.inet.qwest.net (  84.835 ms  82.173 ms  84.712 ms
12  iah-core-03.inet.qwest.net (  83.027 ms  84.321 ms  80.839 ms
13  atl-core-01.inet.qwest.net (  98.493 ms  96.021 ms  98.496 ms
14  atl-core-02.inet.qwest.net (  96.618 ms  96.211 ms  98.467 ms
15  dca-core-02.inet.qwest.net (  124.589 ms  125.790 ms  124.013 ms
16  dca-edge-03.inet.qwest.net (  126.213 ms  125.576 ms  126.083 ms
17 (  126.518 ms  128.278 ms  129.335 ms
18  so-0-1-0-0.BB-RTR1.PHIL.verizon-gni.net (  130.140 ms  129.417 ms  128.371 ms
19  so-1-0-0-0.CORE-RTR1.PHIL.verizon-gni.net (  129.863 ms  129.365 ms  128.104 ms
20  A3-0-0-1714.DSL-RTR3.PHIL.verizon-gni.net (  130.397 ms  129.712 ms  127.858 ms
21  *

So you really had cashed my money order long before you even admitted having it. It's only when I said I'd cancel it that you admitted having it. Man, I can't believe how dense I am at times. I should have seen through your song-and-dance long before I did. Well, at least I have a lot of company here in the corner with our dunce caps on... [comment]


Sal's using Michelle's account exclusively now. I wonder if that means AOL canned him... I sent in complaints to AOL and Comcast.

mich617@comcast.net to jc

You keep making stupid remarks.I wasnt in the bar drinking dummy.My friend works in there and i talk with him in there if you dont mind.Its not you who should be worried about it anyway its the dumb ass in the car whos licence plate i got who toke the pic.Man no need for pics just drop on by at 19th street on the corner with the scooters and come see me.I dont hide.I would love to meet you in person.No threats coming from me i wont give you the satisfaction.Grow up and get a life!



In my dream-within-a-dream this morning, I had pieced together that the Mexican government (it was some future time, but I was still living in Mexico) was in the process of getting ready to implement some draconian changes in its government towards totalitarianism. And we had to find another place to go.

When I woke up from the real dream, into this world, I realized I had also figured out what was going on in the US right now.

I had the story all wrong. I thought that Bush was doing his job for the puppet masters, but that he was grabbing too much for himself in the process, and they were getting ready to replace him with Kerry, who would follow orders a little more closely and not be quite so flagrant in his control of the populace. But now I realize that's not the case.

Bush and Kerry are both from the same stock. The puppetmasters don't care at all which one gets elected (do they ever?), but this is all about something else. They're trying to determine what percentage of the population is totally brainwashed... so much so that no matter how outrageously Bush lies, his "strong leadership" image still makes people want to vote for him. This microfilm snafu clicked it for me yesterday, but it didn't rise to my conscious mind till after that dream this morning.

My waking thoughts, which are always less accurate than my alpha-state musings, are that if Bush gets at least 45 percent of the vote, then the puppetteers will conclude that at least 90% of Americans are playing their game (since they're split between parties half and half anyway). What I haven't figured out is what they'll do if that happens. Will they start the microchipping program? Or is there something even more outrageous waiting in the wings?

But what do I know, I'm just a conspiracy nut. [comment]


Do you think Microsoft has finally hit the end of the road? Where even the genius of Dave Cutler can't carry them any farther? There comes a point in every developer's creation that the bloat of added features and the disgusting hacks to the core architecture that enabled those features to be added turns around and bites them in the ass. Actually, we all know there were some problems with the architecture from the get-go. The registry being one very Bad Idea.

I've got 3 computers almost ready now. No luck with NFS mounting the directories from ramdisk, so now I'm going to go the other direction and use an nfsroot, and mount things like /etc, /tmp, and /home from ramdisk on top of the root. At least, that's the plan. Took me days to fix the broken pin on my third monitor, mainly due to lack of proper tools, but I finally got it safety-pinned and band-aided together. [comment]


Latest from Mr. Salvatore Wise Jr.:

You must be stupider then i thought.So you think my dad is dead?So you think im lieing.And now have a pic of my house.I know exactly who toke that pic and who it is so tell him why not come knock on my door and i will have a talk with him?Haha right im a coward who would piss my pants right?See for your self if im a coward.I will send him home crying but thats ok because i know who it is and acually seen him take that pic.I was right at the bar were he was.Dont believe me thats cool.

Now if you havent heard i am helping you people out and everyone will be paid so stop the crap.enough is enough and if it continues someone will get hurt from all this.Funny how i was right there and seen the pic toke and he didnt even know i was there.Now i know who to look for.Contact justin for more info on the refunds.

What refunds, Sal? Justin hasn't heard anything but more BS from you. Who's gonna get hurt, Sal? Making more threats, are you? No, I don't think you're lying, I know you are. There's a qualitative difference. Money talks. You just make noise.

Hey, and what were you doing at the bar? Spending more of my money? Did you at least drink to my health? And isn't that shit bad for your heart condition? Hey, that was real sleazy those pathetic comments you made at healthboards.com. Didja see my nice reply? Hope they haven't deleted it. [comment]


Sal's House Get real, Sal. Nobody believes your pathetic attempts to implicate your father, if he's even alive, in your crimes. Here's a nice shot of your house, by the way, sent to me by your neighbor k3v0, who's cooperating with me on a book I'm writing. Sal the Scammer vs. Slashdot Smartmob, no, that's too lowbrow. Suggestions will be appreciated, plus any pointers to Slashdot's copyright info. Do I just need Slashdot's permission to copy the whole thread, or do I need each submitter's consent? I vgrepped their FAQ and didn't see anything about the text, just the icons.

Hey Sal, is that white car yours? Why not get off your ass and go get some money for it, like right now? Yeah, you could have sold it on eBay for more, but it's a little too late for that now, dontcha think?


Somehow Sal was feeling the heat yesterday, not exactly sure how much of it; he emailed Justin with a much more toned-down letter, retracting the death threats. Actually he sent a whole bunch of emails, still accusing dear old Dad of all the dirty work. Too bad his lies are so transparent the average 5-year-old could see right through them.

I'm hoping an assistant DA will get back to me. Sal was bragging about how tight his father-in-law is with Lynne Abraham, the Philadelphia District Attorney. When he goes to court, full restitution to the scam victims has to be a top priority. Probably not achievable, unless he works in prison and his wages are garnished, but we don't want it overlooked. Revenge is sweet, but can't buy dinner. [comment]


Hey Michael, you'd be proud of me today... I didn't actually go dumpster diving for food, but did notice a big box of oranges next to the dumpster at a grocery store on San Ysidro Boulevard this morning... went to investigate, and sure enough there were hundreds of pounds of oranges and a few grapefruits in the box. Many were rotting, but a significant percentage was just dirty. I grabbed a few and brought them back to Rosarito with me (the Yanks won't let you bring in any food from Mexico, but the Mexicans only care if you bring in high-ticket items like computers from the US - go figure). And I've been eating them all day. Well, actually I ate the last one a couple of hours ago and I'm starting to get a headache from hunger, but I was hoping to go the whole day on the free food. There's no point in going crazy about it though, I think I'll go buy a taco up the street...

In honor of Commander Taco, who posted my article today! Another few hours of basking in my fame before the article gets bumped off the front page of Slashdot and I retreat quietly into oblivion again. And get the use of my DSL back! [comment]


Tailing my logfiles, I've noticed and fixed most of the problems. I'm not a smart enough admin to fix:

[Fri Jul 23 03:52:31 2004] [info] (104)Connection reset by peer: core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Fri Jul 23 03:52:41 2004] [info] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Fri Jul 23 03:52:41 2004] [info] (32)Broken pipe: core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Fri Jul 23 03:52:53 2004] [info] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Fri Jul 23 03:52:55 2004] [info] (32)Broken pipe: core_output_filter: writing data to the network

But it may have more to do with getting a faster connection than any amount of tweaking I could do to the network. [comment]


I was tcpdumping and saw a whole bunch of:

02:41:23.055767 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)
02:41:23.056303 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)
02:41:23.836252 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)
02:41:23.836790 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)
02:41:24.173321 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)
02:41:24.173858 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)
02:41:25.890228 > icmp: unreachable - need to frag (mtu 1492) (DF)

So I set my MTU to 1492. That ought to help your browsers out a little. Amazing the things you can learn when you're getting hit with the slashdot effect. [comment]


OK, now I've redirected to my home DSL. Please be gentle with it!

SMJ has reenabled my login. I'll hopefully find out soon what my penance will be. I just hope something good comes of this! [comment]


I've been Slashdotted!!!

Published for the first time since Portable 100 magazine went defunct. Feels good. However, I think I lost my freeshell.org account. I don't blame them if their server couldn't take a slashdotting, but I was pretty sure it could. But then I never had my CGIs stress-tested to that degree before either. [comment]


I've been thinking about it Sal... quasi-illiterate... pathological liar... Jr. and Sr.... hey, wait a minute! Your real name is George isn't it???

That does it, chump. I wasn't sure if I was going to go all the trouble of crossing the border to vote this November, but now it's personal. Your sorry ass is getting fired. [comment]


Thanks Sal, for another piece of the puzzle! Yes, I do believe that eBay user roxies1 is another of yours, based in part on the punctuation of your feedback posts. I'm amazed you didn't cash in your good feedback on that one too, and nab a few thousand. What amazing self-control you had at that time! [comment]


I'm really starting to enjoy punishing Sal Wise just a little too much. I've devoting the greater part of the day to this! Whoa, just got another one! He's following along all right!

I see your in the game also.Cool.You got a web site that was viewed about 60 times since its creation.lol.

Did you ever think there could be 2 sal wise's?You got me mixed up with my father was all i said to you but you claim im him so o well.I have no reason to email you so have a nice life but i will add you to the suit since you got jr on your web link.sorry but im not going to be mixed up with my pop.And no im far from sweating bullets.Im up late because i cant sleep due to the medication im on asshole!

I submitted an article to Slashdot on this, but so far I'm 0 for 5 with them so don't hold your breath.

Internet business picking up a little, had 5 customers today at an average of about a buck each! Whoa man, we're cooking! [comment]


Still hacking my PXE setup, but the internet cafe is open whenever that link works (it uses dyndns.org, so there can be several hours blackout each time my IP changes). Two computers are working, mine (of course) and one with only a CDROM drive running Damn Small Linux. Anybody else having problems with Flash on Firefox? The sites come up OK in an older Mozilla.

I'm temporarily distracted by that $405 I'd lost and already written off. Since this guy Justin Spence put up his Sal Wise webpage, and contacted me about it, I've put some effort into finding out more about the asshole. I'll be updating my own page on the subject whenever I feel so inspired. [comment]


gdb is great. Here's the .gdbinit file I have for my current project:

printf "************** DEBUGGING nfsmount **************\n"
printf "invoke simply as 'gdb', this file does the rest.\n"
printf "it must be named gdb.ini on some systems, .gdbinit on others.\n"
printf "i'm using a symlink to take care of both cases.\n"
file nfsmount
break cold
break *cold+5
printf "to advance one instruction, type 'si'\n"
printf "to do the same, but go through subroutine calls, type 'ni'\n"
display/5i $pc
display/x $esp
display/x $ebp
display/x $edi
display/x $esi
display/x $edx
display/x $ecx
display/x $ebx
display/x $eax

I'd forgotten all this shit. When you start running, the number at $esp is the C language argc, and the words following are pointers to the argv strings. Following that is a zero, then the environment strings, again followed by a zero. How easy can it get? Here's an illustration, after invoking gdb with the above .gdbinit:

(gdb) x/20x $esp
0xbffff7b0:     0x00000001      0xbffff8d9      0x00000000      0xbffff8fd
0xbffff7c0:     0xbffff944      0xbffff9b4      0xbffff9c8      0xbffff9e6
0xbffff7d0:     0xbffff9f1      0xbffffa01      0xbffffa39      0xbffffa48
0xbffff7e0:     0xbffffa60      0xbffffa86      0xbffffad0      0xbffffae8
0xbffff7f0:     0xbffffaf5      0xbffffb08      0xbffffcbb      0xbffffcc9
(gdb) x/s 0xbffff8d9
0xbffff8d9:      "/home/jcomeau/src/nfsmount/nfsmount"
(gdb) x/s 0xbffff8fd
0xbffff8fd:      "CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/lib/qt-3.2.1/include:/usr/lib/qt-3.2.1/include"

So what do we need the goddamned half-megabyte of glibc for? Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman (and a cast of thousands) made it so easy to write apps in assembly! OK, so I'm joking a little here... but only a little. [comment]


Pisser. This PXE shit is irritating. You ever run hurdles in track? You just build up momentum after the last one, and there's another one right in front of you. If you paced correctly, you'll be on your best leg to jump it; if not, you might kick it over, you might fall down, or you might even twist your ankle. Of course, good runners can take off easily from either leg, but I was never any good :^)

Anyway, back to PXE. I've overcome about 20 hurdles so far, still using Damn Small Linux as my starting point, but now I find out the static ash shell's built-in mount is not nfs-aware. Since I'm not using nfsroot (though at this point I'm starting to consider it), I need to either have a larger initrd to hold a statically- linked mount or I need to build an nfsmount program that doesn't need glibc, which makes the smallest statically-linked program about half a megabyte. Yuck. My old version of postforth doesn't compile on this system, and I don't know why. The larger initrd sounds good but it'll require some tweaking of my scripts, since the miniroot.gz created with a statically-linked mount won't fit the DOS boot image boot.ini. I really ought to get damnsmall or knoppix sources and work from those, but I'm about at my complexity threshold and I know if I go over it I'm gonna be in limbo-land for a few days. Don't want that. [comment]


Well, I came out of retirement today, officially. The end of my two year and two months vacation. Went to San Ysidro to send off my wetsuit to the eBay purchaser, and got back just in time (3PM local time) to open the internet cafe. Haven't had any customers yet, but I don't mind having the computer and coffee to myself.

Quick question: how do you autostart apps in KDE? Answer: you make links to them in $HOME/.kde/Autostart/. Like so:

$ cd .kde/Autostart
$ ln -s /usr/bin/firefox .
$ ln -s /usr/bin/gaim .

I also tried amsn but for some reason it pulls up an editor window with the script rather than executing it. No biggie, it's on the desktop if people want it.

I'm psyched. This might really work. I'm going to automate it to the point where it practically runs itself, set up an MLM-type structure so people will bring their friends, and even have incentives like 15 minutes, or a cup of coffee, free to new customers who sign up. I'll still allow walk-ins who just want to use it without signing up, of course. And it will all be done as a non-business. As a party, in fact. Some people are coordinators, others are guests, but it's not a business, it's an all-night internet party. No permits, no taxes, no bullshit.

I'll be building some webpages detailing this at rosarito.kicks-ass.net. A little at a time. No stress this time. A little at a time. [comment]


OK, finally got my dyndns script working again. I put it into a new dir, /etc/cron.constantly, and have a root crontab running it with run-parts. At least it seems to be working, I won't know for 100% sure until it successfully changes IPs a few times without screwing up.

Sal Wise finally screwed with the wrong guy, Justin Spence, someone with (apparently) the time and means to launch a pretty mean counteroffensive. Way to go, Justin!

Less than 24 hours till I open the internet cafe. Tomorrow I go to San Ysidro to ship the wetsuit I'm selling on eBay, then as soon as I get back, try to get a used monitor at the local computer shops for the $40 or so I'll make from the sale. Then I can open the cafe with 2 computers instead of just 1!

Hours are going to be 3 PM to 3 AM to start off. I may go for 24 hours once I get a good system in place. 7 days a week. More news as I have time... [comment]


I was checking Denny Brooks' site out for an online friend and saw a pic of John Denver... what's this? Died back in 1997 in a plane crash. I didn't remember anything about that. I don't like a lot of his music, but Starwood in Aspen is a lovely song to go to sleep by. One of my team captains on the MFT (the Moonie "Mobile Fundraising Team") used to play that album all night every night.

Can't stay focused, but have to... opening the internet cafe this weekend. I'd really really like to get the PXE boot, NFS, automatic timing of sessions, yadda yadda all done and set up by then but ain't gonna happen. I'll just have to run it Mexican-style (labor-intensive) for a while, and hack the system when there aren't any customers. [comment]


Before I forget again... when I mentioned the other day about the Kinoma movie format, I forgot to tell you how to extract the movie from the .pdb file in the first place. First you need to find a movie, so google for something like "pdb movie". I found this one on a martial arts site.

$ par x FORM_2.5_Web_Low-Res.pdb

That extracts the data into various-sized chunks named 000.something.pdr, 001.something.pdr, 002.whatever..., which you put together thusly:

$ cat *.pdr > movie.tmp

Then, finally, you can use the script I told you about to dump it:

$ iffdump movie.tmp | head
0x000a mv 00a000
0x0006 mt 00
0x000a sh 667200
0x000e sx 6672000000
0x000a sh 617500
0x000e sx 6175000000
0x0012 ah 00000272000100
0x0004 bt
0x0304 py eb8080bf8080a280808580806880804a80802d80800000000000000000000000
0x2004 ic 0707070707070787878888888888887d07070707070787878788888888887d7d


Here's one patch to pxe that was necessary to get at least as far as booting the bootloader:

--- ./options.cc.orig	2003-02-02 08:24:29.000000000 -0500
+++ ./options.cc	2004-07-12 09:04:38.000000000 -0400
@@ -170,6 +170,7 @@
 			delete prompt;
 			prompt = new char[strlen(val)+1];
 			strcpy(prompt, val);
+			fprintf(stderr, "new prompt: %s\n", prompt);
 		else if(strcmp("listen_port", key) == 0)
@@ -206,6 +207,7 @@
 			delete tftpdbase;
 			tftpdbase = new char[strlen(val)+1];
 			strcpy(tftpdbase, val);
+			fprintf(stderr, "new tftpdbase: %s\n", tftpdbase);
 		else if(strcmp("service", key) == 0)
@@ -643,7 +645,8 @@
 	for(i=0; i != CSA_types[i].arch_id; i++);
 	tmpc = new char[strlen(CSA_types[i].arch_name) +
 	  (strlen(serv_ptr->filebase)*2) + 8];
-	sprintf(tmpc, "%s/%s/%s.%d", CSA_types[i].arch_name,
+	sprintf(tmpc, "%s/%s/%s/%s.%d", tftpdbase,
+	  CSA_types[i].arch_name,
 	  serv_ptr->filebase, serv_ptr->filebase, layer);

And now here's a patch to tftpd I needed so it wouldn't croak... at the risk of making it less secure... prolly better use version 0.36, because 0.37 won't even configure on my system.

--- ./tftpd/tftpd.c.orig	2004-07-12 09:24:11.000000000 -0400
+++ ./tftpd/tftpd.c	2004-07-11 06:10:40.000000000 -0400
@@ -633,8 +633,8 @@
   setrv = initgroups(user, pw->pw_gid);
   if ( setrv ) {
-    syslog(LOG_ERR, "cannot set groups for user %s", user);
-    exit(EX_OSERR);
+    syslog(LOG_ERR, "cannot set groups for user %s: %s", user, strerror(errno));
+    /* exit(EX_OSERR); */

These changes may turn out to be unnecessary and/or counterproductive once I solve other problems, but at least now they look like steps in the right direction. (PS - gendiff is your friend) [comment]


I've been thinking about ratings systems like those used on eBay and RAC, and how they could be improved. First of all, I'd want to integrate any such system into a web of trust such as Thawte's so that a person can have one central rating that can be referenced by many sites, and conversely can not easily have multiple online identities, one or more of which is crooked, while keeping one's own name looking squeaky clean.

It would also be nice if someone could view a rating in several dimensions at once. I was thinking of a bar-shaped graphic whose colors range from green to red (passing through yellow) representing approval to disapproval, intensity or darkness of colors as the quantity of ratings, and length as the time period over which the ratings were given. For example, if one starts off with a good net reputation and keeps it up, he'll get more good ratings, so his bar would be a pastel green on the left darkening to a pine green on the right. Someone who started off good then decided to use his good rating to scam a bunch of people would be green, followed by red, followed by white (blank) because nobody would do business with him any more (like Mr. Salvatore Wise Jr. of Philadelphia). If I were any good with the Gimp I'd make some samples, but after you've had another cup of coffee come back and read it again, it'll make some sense anyway, without the graphics. [comment]


Made my first $2 (pesos, not dollars - about 20 cents) from the Internet café a few minutes ago. Had to stop hacking the PXE configuration for a while though. Getting closer, but having to relearn all the shit I had already gone through at Dialtone a few years ago.

Besides Pocket Tunes, two indispensable Palm apps for hackers are Pippy, a Python port, and Top Gun SSH for that command-line fix. Still haven't found a CLI for the Clié itself though. Might need to download the SDK myself and roll my own. But that's way low on my list of priorities. Sony is reportedly discontinuing the line, and there might be something much better and cheaper in a year or so. But then, if what I eventually get runs PalmOS, it might still be a good investment of time. Better yet, port Linux to it if it hasn't been done already...

I keep reading that a "blog" is partly defined by having links to other sites so, much as I don't like doing things just to live up to others' expectations, it is an effort worth making if this blog is ever going to be anything more than a useless collection of anecdotes. So I'm doing better. Aren't I? [comment]


In case anyone wants to play with the Kinoma movie format, here's a little dumper program for it; this script can easily be hacked to dump any type of IFF file:

#!/usr/pkg/bin/perl &imgsize(@ARGV); sub imgsize { my($file, $type, $pointer, $chunk, $size); foreach $file (@_) { open(IFF, $file) or die "cannot open: $!\n"; binmode(IFF); # necessary on Windows! $pointer = 0; # location of first size word while ($pointer < -s $file) { seek(IFF, $pointer, 0) or die "cannot seek: $!\n"; read(IFF, $chunk, 36) or die "cannot read: $!\n"; ($size, $type, $data) = unpack('nA2H*', $chunk); printf("0x%04x %2s %-64s\n", $size, $type, substr($data, 0, min($size - 4, 64))); $pointer += $size; } } } sub numerically { $a <=> $b; } sub min { return (sort numerically @_)[0]; }

Had to take a break from my PXE setup shit and figure that out. Had to hack in.tftpd so it would even work, it kept barfing on initgroups(3). [comment]


Well, I'm down to my last few dollars but not yet depressed about it; I'm still welcome to stay in Rosarito, and I've prepaid $3 per day for food until sometime next March, so I won't starve. And my spending spree has at least left me with some useful gear.

The best, for me, is my really, really portable multimedia computer. The Clié TJ37 meets most of my expectations; it will hold about an hour of medium-quality MP3 music without any additional memory, which should get me by for busking. I can always move from street corner to street corner and repeat the same music. And the Panasonic RP-SPT70 active speaker system really kicks ass. I read a lot of online reviews and they were right on the money; for $20 to $30, depending on where you buy, this is a topnotch portable boom box. I wish there were a mic in jack and mixer, but what the hell. Can't always have everything. I'll rig something together someday.

The MP3 player software that came with the Clié, AeroPlayer, sucks big-time; I can't seem to get it to play songs in internal RAM, it insists on having an external memory stick. So I bought Pocket Tunes for $14.95 online, which works like a champ. It took me a few hours to get everything working with Linux, googling, downloading, installing, and finally:

$ notlame --alt-preset 48 Coldplay-1-Clocks.wav ~/tmp/Coldplay-1-Clocks.mp3
$ notlame --alt-preset 48 Jimmy\ Buffet-1-Changes\ in\ Latitude.wav ~/tmp/Latitudes.mp3
$ notlame --alt-preset 48 Jimmy\ Buffet-1-Come\ Monday.wav  ~/tmp/ComeMonday.mp3
$ par c -a "stream" ~/tmp/busk.pdb Latitudes.mp3 strm TNpt ~/tmp/Latitudes.mp3
$ par c -a "stream" ~/tmp/busk1.pdb Clocks.mp3 strm TNpt ~/tmp/Coldplay-1-Clocks.mp3
$ par c -a "stream" ~/tmp/busk2.pdb ComeMonday.mp3 strm TNpt ~/tmp/ComeMonday.mp3
$ pilot-xfer -i ~/tmp/busk*pdb
Hit the HotSync button on the Clié and the songs are there! When you add songs to a songlist in pTunes, select "Palm" in the upper right corner of the screen, and you'll see your songs. The above rate is only about 16kHz sampling, which is much less than half CD rate, but still sounds good enough.

Trying like mad to get everything set up for the internet cafe. I want a PXE system with diskless workstations, so that I don't have to worry about viruses nor about having the important stuff stolen; the boot server (my box) can be safely stored upstairs, with only the $200 systems downstairs. $200 hah. After everybody was done taxing me - both CA sales tax and the Federales with their goddamned import tax (which I could have avoided by bringing the computers across one at a time) the systems are well over $200; add on the transportation and the fee for the mailing address service and they're probably $250 each, from $168 (IIRC) base price at Walmart.com. And I still need monitors! I'll have to let the customers use my 1 monitor for now, and add another as soon as I make enough cash. The beauty of this PXE setup, if I get it working, is that adding boxes will simply be a matter of buying a box and monitor and plugging it into the switch. On boot, it loads the software I want it to have, and nothing else, over the network.

Almost-free wireless! I've done it! Come here to Rosarito, use our DSL connection for nothing more than the cost of a cup of coffee. Which is cheap, 6 pesos for 12 ounces. About 55 cents. Damn good coffee too, if I do say so myself. Colombian beans, not Mexican. Nothing against Mexican coffee, but I think they save the best stuff for export, and let the local stores sell whatever doesn't pass muster.

Damn. I've done it. I've entrenced myself back in the Matrix again for a while. But still living the dream, baby. Don't you forget it. Still living the dream. [comment]

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